Halong Bay, Vietnam

July 3, 2010 - Halong Bay, Vietnam

In the last few days we've spent a lot of time cooped up in internet cafe's trying to work out what the deal is with Halong Bay cruises, and no matter how hard we tried, could not get to the bottom of it all... One review of a company would say how great it all was, the next would say there were cockroaches coming out of the beds!? Honestly, every company was the same, and no-one would garantee anyone (not even Lonely Planet!). Anyway, as you can no doubt tell, we were more than a little bit nervous as we set off on our little side trip...

Luckily, we must have got one of the cockroach free junks, because it was great! We had a great guide (a kooky little Vietnamese guy called Casper (!?)), a beautiful boat (called Amber Gold), Orient-Express style cabin and not a cockroach in sight! Well, ok there was one cockroach... but come-on!

The place itself was a bit like Krabi in Thailand, but on a bigger scale. Karst mountains are always pretty, and cruising through them on a junk was pretty awesome :) We jumped off the top deck into the warm, emerald water, and we also did some kayaking. All in all, a bit of a winner really ;)

Anyway... We're off back into China now, on an overnight train to Nanning, then bussing it on to Guilin (for yet MORE Karst mountains!)...

Alex & Jinnie



Halong Bay at dusk
Alex, about to jump off the junk :)
Aaaaahhh! Jellyfish!!!
Halong Bay at dusk


July 3, 2010
I wanna be there right now.
July 5, 2010
Me too.
July 7, 2010
Its been 4 days... having withdrawls!!! get blogging MOFOS! :-)

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