Yangshao, China

July 6, 2010 - Guilin, China


Wow...! Yes I know 'wow' is a pretty cheesy word, and used way too often, but Jinnie and I both found ourselves using it quite a bit in Yangshao. So... Wow! There, I said it again! This place has gone straight in at number one for the most beautiful place either one of us have ever seen! It's like someone threw a giant green patchwork blanket of lush rice paddy fields over a neverending sea of karst mountains! ;)

When we left Halong Bay I thought the scenery might be underwhelming - infact I secretly thought Halong Bay would be hard to top -  I was definetly wrong! Its simply stunning, and the photo's dont actually do it justice. 

We booked into The Giggling Tree guesthouse situated 10 min out of town and in the middle of nowhere - just paddy fields, a river, and karst mountians surrounding us.  On the first day we made our way to the Yulong river and went down it on a bamboo raft. We drifted past farms and waterbuffalo's and over rapids... a lot of fun! After that we cycled around, through little villages and local farmers working.  It was very hot, so at one point we decided to jump into the river to cool down... right next to a big water buffalo grazing... its owner gave us suspitious look (I think she thought we were going to steel it), and came over to whisk the thing away :)

We watched Cormorant fishing at night, went hiking a bit further off into the countryside, and went down the Li river to visit a little village called Xing Ping. It was very quaint, and made me think of the(sadly mistaken)impression I had in my mind of how Lijiang might be...

Anway, next stop is the Dragon's Backbone rice terraces (although it's hard to think that anything could really top this place). We'll see...

Alex & Jinnie



July 8, 2010
WOW awesome - thought u werent going to guilin - thats brilliant loved the backbone... keep safe guys, thanks for another great update X
July 8, 2010
Great pictures, what an amazing trip eh -- take care xxxxxxx
July 8, 2010
Wow indeed! Dammit you really are making me want to go to China peeps :-). Fantastic pics... what lens are you using? x
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