The Proposal

July 13, 2010 - Hong Kong Island, China

SO.. Hong Kong.. Wow!

As you all know by now: I'm Engaged!! :) but let me start from the begining...

Hong Kong is awesome!! if you love London, you'll love Hong Kong! Its very trendy and the people here are very stylish..
it seems everywhere you look is Money! There are Gucci and Luis Vuiton stores around every corner and also everything else you can think of: Starbucks (Thank God!) M&S.. anything.. everything!  Then there's the 'red light district' Wan Chai - where all the 'happy ending' bars are and where chinese girls (in very short skirts) sit outside bars trying to lure guys in.. .. and then there's the very trendy Lan Kwai Fong where all the very hip & trendy bars and resturants are.. and there's even a Soho! (more cool bars!)

'Central' Hong Kong or Hong Kong island is where all the skyscrapers are.. and we're staying in Kowloon.. a ferry ride away (or you can get the MTR - train.. only about 5min away) We're staying in Chunking Mansions.. a very - interesting - place! :) There's a weird mix of travelers, immigrants, Nigerians, hookers, Indian people and Chinese families here.. all in one big 'Mansion' LOL.. the word Mansion a GROSS miss-use! You get offered anything from "Copy watch or bag" (fake Chanel or Gucci stuff) to Indian curries, woman and hash here! Its weird.. but strangely exciting! (atleast for a newby to HK like me!) There are 15 floors and 3 blocks to the mansion.. with apartments, hostels, hotels, Indian resturants and who knows what else on the differant floors! Our room is tiny but its very clean and very cheap for Hong Kong.. cause this city is NOT cheap! I think its more expensive than London!

If you wonder of the main streets you find 'real' or shall I say Old Hong Kong.. old Chinese men sit on the street selling chinese herbs, there's massive markets selling all kinds of weird and wonderful things and there are these huge neon signs hanging everywhere.. did I mention I love HK?? Its very cool!! :)

BUT back to the point.. so we were here a few days allready when Alex asked me if I wanted to go the The Peak.. I was excited to go up - you go via tram up this huge mountain, its a VERY steep climb and at the top there's an AMAZING view of Hong Kong.. We walked around and Alex started wondering off so I followed.. he found a quiet spot and we sat and watched the view for a while when he asked me how I was feeling (not a weird question since I was a bit sick the day before) I said that I was feeling just fine and then he said he had something that might make me feel even better.. I was looking at him thinking: "what could you have that would make me feel better?!" when all of a sudden he pulled out a little black box and was going down on one knee.. !! I was a bit confused for a few seconds and then I realised what he was about to do.. I wanted to cry at first but managed to laugh instead and when he popped the question I just about YELLED: Yes!! and jumped up from my seat to hug him! I couldn't sit or stand still after that - I was WAY to excited! :) Also.. I LOVE my ring and (still) cant stop looking at it!

anyway.. we decided to get back down and to go and celebrate so we made our way to Lan Kwai Fong.. me walking around with a HUGE grin on my face and calling Alex "Fiance" every few seconds!

We ended up at a very nice bar to celebrate the turn of events - but after about 4 glasses of white wine, and me dancing and waving my ring around, Alex had to take me home! :)



July 15, 2010
tears in my eyes........ congratulations to the both of you......xxxxxx
July 15, 2010
Ha Ha I can just imagine you waving your engagement ring around - wish I could have been there, what an amazing memory that will always be, I know how happy you both are and I couldnt be happier for you. All my love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
July 15, 2010
Gorgeous ring sweetie, so happy for you both!!! xxxxxx
July 15, 2010
Ahhhhh!!! Congrats you two! I got goose bumps reading this! Awesome awesome great great great!
I love the ring too, oh well done Alex and Jinnie xxx
July 21, 2010
Congrats! Hope HK will always be a special place for you!
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