Sydney, Australia

July 22, 2010 - Sydney, Australia

So we're in Sydney! :)

We keep expecting people to speak to us in another language... and they do! LOL... No, "G'day Cobber" IS actually english! (sort of) ;) Well, its not "shrimp on the barbie" weather but considering its a cold winter according to the Ozzies, its pretty good! Much better than English weather and the skies are BLUE in winter not grey!

Since we're well and truly BROKE at this point we decided to give 'couch surfing' a go and stayed with an Ozzie couple that we found on a 'Global Freeloaders' site. We got really lucky with a really nice room only 20min away from the harbour by train in a lovely quiet suburban area, but we've decided that 'couch surfing' isn't really our thing and we probably wont do it again (as it feels a bit awkward being stuck in a strangers house)!
Sydney is very clean and modern.  Its a lot smaller than I expected and it feels very safe.  We walked around an area called The Rocks with lots of trendy shops and bars and we also took a ferry to Darling Harbour.. more shops and bars! :)

The Opera house is stunning and Alex wouldn't stop photographing it.  We didn't go to Bondi beach as its a bit further away but we'll have to come back in summer to do that! We love Sydney and it definitely feels like a place we could live in.
We also went to Featherdale Wildlife Park, a 45min drive out of Sydney, to go and see some Ozzie animals.

I loved it! They have so many adorable animals out here that I've never seen... all with weird names like: Wallaby and Wombat and Emu! :) I felt like a kid at the zoo for the first time.  We could stroke a koala (so soft) and a kangaroo.. some of the roo's just stroll around the park.. and you can walk right up to them.  The birds are stunning and so colourful. A great day out!

We're sitting at Sydney airport waiting to board our plane to Adelaide at the moment, where I'll meet some of my soon-to-be family! :)

Jinnie & Alex


The view...
Jinnie, just before I proposed to her :)
Mmmmm, sylish!
The building I used to live in!

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July 23, 2010
loved sydney when i was there 14 years ago!!! sooo jealous!!! good luck with meeting the other Yeo's :-) can't wait to see you guys!!! xxx
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