The Cape Flats to the Orange River, South Africa

September 6, 2010 - Cape Town, South Africa

We started our journey through Southern Africa by stopping at one of the townships in the Cape Flats area.. the township we went to was called Langa and had about 50 000 residents. Our guide was a local who was born and raised there.. he told us a bit about the history of how and why townships started, which I found really interesting but wont bore everyone with the details right now.. The township was different to what I had expected.. I think I expected a law-less war zone of some kind but instead there was a real community feel to the place.. locals sat outside chatting.. there was a school, a butchery, a clinic and even a police station there! There where also a make-shift hair salon 'shack' :) The houses were very mixed too, some were AWEFUL dark dirty concrete rooms, there were a few coregated iron shacks (but not that many) and then there was also some really nice, cute, clean houses.  We went to one of the the township's shabeens and had some local beer that an old lady (the owner) makes.. it was in a huge bucket and we each had to take a swig... EISH! not my first choice of drink I must admit.

After the township tour we all got into "Shashi" - our truck, excited to get going. 

We drove through the Western Cape and we couldn't stop commenting on how beautul the scenery was...

...vinyards and mountains were flying by the window. After about a 5 hour drive we stopped at our camp spot for the night.. a vinyard called Highlanders.  We set up camp and then commenced wine-tasting! :)  It was a lovely evening. The owner was very generous with his wine and cheese and we all sat outside watching the sun set over the mountians, sipping wine and getting to know eachother more.  We had a snoek braai for dinner and then got some much needed shut eye.

The next moring we had an early start, we made our way to the border of SA & Namibia. We set up camp at the Orange river, which is right infront of the Namibian border.. Alex decided he didn't want to wait another day to reach Namibia so swam across the Orange river and got onto Namibian soil (illegally) !! while I watched from the South African side of the river bank.

The next morning we had a painless border crossing and finally entered Namibia (Legally!)... So far so good :)

Jinnie & Alex


The Cape Flats
The Cape Flats
The Cape Flats
The Cape Flats
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