Cape Cross to Etosha, Namibia

September 14, 2010 - Etosha National Park, Namibia

We left Swakopmund eager to get back on the truck and go further. Our first stop was Cape Cross, where a Portuguese guy was the first European settler to set foot onto Namibian soil - but more importantly where there are THOUSANDS of seals... I couldn't believe how big they get! We watched them for a while but couldn't stay long as the smell is REALLY bad. Seal poo mixed with rotting dead seals - its like nothing I've ever smelt before!

We moved on to Spitzkoppe, where we bush camped for the night (i.e not a camp site - just out in the middle of nowhere) it was great... we set up camp between huge rock formations, one of which Alex and I climbed that night. We sat on top of the rock and watched the stars. They seem to be so much brighter out here, and with no light or air pollution you can see just how many there really are, its stunning.

The next morning we made our way to Etosha, on the way there we stopped in a little town and went to the supermarket to stock up on drinks and snacks. It ended up being somewhat of a surreal experience... the supermarket was full of fully farmer types ;) and some kind of country music was playing and then as we got to the cold meats section there was a girl from the Himba tribe (!!!) buying some meat - Alex and I have read about this nomadic tribe that live mostly in Northern Namibia, but didn't think we'd see them on our travels. They wear nothing but beads around their necks and a loin-cloth around their waist and the girls hair is made into dread-locks with mixture of butter fat and ochre (which is red in colour), they also put this on their skin to protect themselves from the sun, so their skin has a reddish tinge. They look fascinating! I've only ever seen them in postcards and books and was really happy to see a Himba girl with my own eyes! I tried hard not to stare.

We camped at a lovely campsite in Etosha National Park for 2 nights, it looked out onto a watering hole. We also went on quite a few game drives and felt spoilt as we saw lions on every drive (I think it was 23 on the last count!). We also saw hundreds of Zebra, Oryx, Springbuck, giraffe and elephants. Last night we could hear the lions roar and it was so loud we were convinced that he was a few foot away from our tent!

It's very hot in Etosha and luckily our campsite had an awesome pool and bar area, so we were able to relax by the pool in the afternoon, Hunters in hand :)

It's an early (5:45) tomorrow morning and we are off on our way to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia...

Jinnie & Alex




Elephant in Etosha
Elephant in Etosha
Elephant in Etosha
Sunset over Etosha

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September 15, 2010
When I saw the title of your post, I had hoped for your sake that you were upwind of the seals. It's am awsome sight but as you said, it's a smelly one.


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