Windhoek to the Okavango Delta, Botswana

September 20, 2010 - Chobe National Park, Botswana

After a big night out drinking Windhoek's in Windhoek and eating Zebra at some crazy bar called Joe's Beergarden, we left for Ghanzi, just accross the border in Botswana.

Just before sunset we went on a bush walk with a local tribe of bushmen. They all spoke with very pronounced clicks and showed us how the find roots and plants for medicine, amd also how they find water and make fire.

The next day we made our way north to the Okavango Delta. I was pretty excited about being here as I'd always dreamed of seeing it after watching one too many wildlife doco's. But had thought it was only accessible if you were a member of some conservationists group or a BBC film crew. We took Mokoros (dugout canoes) through the waterways, which feels a little dangerous at first, as all you can see are reeds and the place is just heaving with croc's and hippos (in case you've never heard, Hippo's are considered the most dangerous animals in Africa). Somewhere (about 2 hours) inside the Delta we made camp on a little island. It has to rate as one of the wildest places you can sleep, but did get a bit frustrating during the heat of the day because we were under strict instruction not to walk more than 100 feet from the camp! Our local guides did take us to a safe area to swim in though (much needed in these temperatures!) so we get to say we swam in the Okavango Delta :) That night some of the locals also danced around the camp fire for us, while singing local songs, it was UBER African! We tried to return the favour but all we came up with was "The Hokey Cokey" - FAIL!

The following day I got to take a flight over the Delta in a private plane! This really was a bit special and tied the whole place together for me, but also showed that we wern't in anywhere near deep enough to be in any serious danger as the animals are much further in - and there are soooo many! Huge heards of Elephant and Buffalo just all over the place. It was a little hard to focus on the wildlife all the time though as our pilot obviously wanted to show us his real passion was to fly an F16! So we spent a good bit of time with the wings at a 90 degree angle!!!

The people in Botswana are so friendly and wave at the truck as it passes all the time. Next stop Chobe!!!

Alex & Jinnie

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