Chobe to the Vic Falls, Zambia

September 22, 2010 - Livingstone, Zambia

We're camping in Chobe for 2 nights (which is nice because it means we can sleep in a bit and don't have to put up our tents and take them down again at 5.30 the next morning!). We are really loving camping through Africa as Mark our driver said; once you get a taste of Africa it leaves you wanting more. We went on a morning game drive in the park and saw Giraffe, Springbok and Sable, also Hippo and Buffalo from far away. At sunset we went on cruise in a small boat on the Chobe river (a real highlight for me!). We saw HUGE heards of Buffalo at the rivers edge, Fish Eagles, Baboons, Crocodiles, Elephants crossing the river, and got up close and personal with Hippos! One Hippo even stuck his head right out of the water and opened his mouth at a 90 degree angle - apparently a warning to us to back off!

The following day, we woke up at 4.45 for the Zambian border crossing, which was like something off of a Michael Palin travel show! It felt super African! We drove the truck (Shashe) to the edge of the Zambezi, where cars, other trucks and loads of Africans, including us (the only tourists) waited to board a huge ferry. The ferry was of course on African time and finally turned up 2 hours late. There were 2 black guys dressed in army get-up and carrying AK47's on the ferry, herding local people on and off, and a big group of school children (around 7 years old) who all insisted on high-fiving all the foreigners :) After a quick passport check and stamp into Zambia on the other side the girls ran to the toilet (a dirty white, shabby looking building with one loo) and had to pay a friendly Zambian guy 1 US dollar for some toilet paper and then had to shake his hand, bump shoulder to shoulder and hug him (the Zambian greeting ;)


We made our way to the Vic Falls right after the river crossing and you can really see why the locals call it 'the smoke that thunders'! As it's dry season, the falls wern't even in full flow, but you can still feel the spray from it and one bit litterally looked like it was smoking where the water crashes into the bottom. Pretty impressive!!!

Jinnie and Alex



Mokoro boatmen in the delta
Lillies in the delta
Roger (!?), our boatman ;)
Mokoro through the delta
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