Kruger to Jo'burg, South Africa

September 29, 2010 - Johannesburg, South Africa

We left Zambia and headed back down through Botswana into the northern, Limpopo area of South Africa. The whole place is so lush and green it was a bit of a shock to the system - They grow every kind of fruit imaginable here, and it all looks a bit Carribean.

Crossing into Kruger, we went on a monster all day game drive and got up close and personal with all sorts of wildlife. At one point we even came across a small heard of Elephants who had become trapped in a bush-fire! They were all in a panic, and it was a bit disturbing to see one baby Elephant had sadly caught on fire! Eventually we had to move away as the situation was becoming a bit dangerous, but hopefully they all managed to get out alright (!?)...

That night we had a final truck party (with a slightly odd 'bin-bag' theme!?), and the following morning made our way back out through Limpopo, stopping to enjoy our last roadside lunch before we pulled into the big smoke that is Jo'burg.

The truck has been a great part of our trip, and we both really enjoyed having the opportunity to travel with such a fun group of people! We'll miss you all!!!

BTW; I still can't believe Jinnie actually camped for a whole month!!! ;) Hahaha.

And now... Well, we're back in Pretoria! All travel plans are on hold for a bit while we try and sort out a few things; like visa's and money...! Jinnie's off doing her first day of temp work, and I'm sitting here trying to put off starting that script I'm meant to be writing...! Fingers crossed everything works out in our favor!?!?!?!

To be continued... :)


Alex & Jinnie


Lioness at Kruger
Elephant trapped in bush fire at Kruger
Elephant trapped in bush fire at Kruger
Elephant trapped in bush fire at Kruger


September 29, 2010
What an amazing trip,looking at the map today it truly is the journey of a lifetime x
September 29, 2010
Thanks for keeping us entertained for the last few months. I miss you guys so much. I hope your new job goes well my love and I hope you get your script written sir! James and I are about to leave (tomorrow) for our two month trip - not nearly as amazing as you guys, but we'll be doing 20 days around Peru and then 50 days trekking through the outdoor Chile and Argentina. Not sure if we'll do a blog as I'm sure no one cares, but we'll keep you updated somehow.
Cant wait to see you in December in sunny SA. Get the brewskies on ice!
November 1, 2010
Guys! Awesome photos!! looks like you are having a great time! What are you doing for work Jinnie? I hope you guys are loving it. Looking forward to seeing you back in London at some stage. x Erin
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