Winding Up

October 27, 2010 - London, United Kingdom

 Hiya Everybody,

Yep we're back in old London town and now winding up our trip. Trying to cram in as much as possible before we come home to the most AWESMOEST place in the world!

This week we shopped some more in Camden Town, of course. Visited Madame Tussaud's today and enjoying many an English pub meal.

Tomorrow the Roman baths at Bath and Stonehenge then onto our new motel (yes, real beds score :D).

Our last night, Friday, we will be kicking up our heels and going out to see the Mousetrap by Agatha Christie which has apparently been running for 58 years - so it has to be good!

Next update we may well be on our way home. Not sure if we'll get a chance to upload the rest of the photos until then.

Take care, we'll see you all real soon!!!

- Amy

P.S. Susan Boyle or SuBo is totally sweet and cute in real life and much smaller than I thought she'd be. Graveyards and underground vaults are scary :( but Edinburgh is the coolest place.



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anne bryce:
October 28, 2010
can't wait to see you both and hear all the adventures, safe trip home.
love dad
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