June 16, 2013 - London, United Kingdom

Asleep by 9pm last night and woke at what I thought was 630/7am so wandered down for a smoke. Wondered what all the strange looks where about but when I came back in saw it was just coming up to 5am, so I went back to bed.

Train to Sevenoaks was easy and caught up with Gillian. It was lovely to see a familiar face and talk to an old friend. We wandered around Kent and had a look at the red deer at Knole House before having lunch at an old (by my standards) pub. From there we drove to Ightham Mote. Kent is such a beautiful, calm place.

After the moat we drove to a reserve that Gillian had been told had some orchids worth seeing. I got about half way and was struggling with the steepness and uneven footing, so Gillian went on and I went back to the car. Surprising when you consider the shoes Gillian was wearing!

Spent some time at her place looking at photos (you really have some amazig pics Love!) before I jumped on the train back to London. Very pleasant day indeed!

Tomorrow I'm off to Westminster Abbey via Hyde Park and the London Eye (weather permitting! ) and I might see if I can get some cheap tickets to the theatre.


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