Bali 4 - 15 August 2013

August 15, 2013 - Bali, Indonesia

Bali turned out to be quite an experience for the family – in a good way.

Firstly, it was the first time Zac and Zoe had been on a plane and that in itself was a very exciting prospect for them. They just loved the whole flying experience until we had a 4hr wait in the Darwin airport transit lounge! Once we got passed that and got to Bali the fun began.

We stayed in Kuta at the Kuta Town Houses. They are self contained apartments and ours had 2 bedrooms, a lounge, full kitchen and bathroom. It is the most space we have had for over 16 months! The hotel is split over 2 sites on Poppies Lane. There is a restaurant and 2 pools on both sites. We had a walk around Kuta for the first few days to get our bearings before our friends arrived from Perth. Once everyone had arrived, there were 18 of us including 8 kids and 10 adults staying in the same hotel.

We did the typical tourist things like Waterbom Park, Safari and Marine Park (including elephant ride and photos with the animals), shopping, day spa, Kuta beach sunset (while shopping and having a Bintang or 2), turtle releasing on Kuta beach and Pete took the kids to do a tree top climbing adventure and he went with the boys to do a quad bike tour. All of the girls got their hair braided and nails painted. Zoe, Morgan and Charlotte even had a surf lesson at Kuta beach. Apparently the instructor said Zoe was a natural…must be those Richards genes! Apart from that, we had a great time swimming and lazing around the pool.

Buffett breakfast was included with our accommodation, but apart from that, we ate out everyday for lunch and dinner.  We had some great meals out including at an Italian pizza place (yes a bit weird in Bali), the Secret Garden (great Asian food), Kori’s and the Brazilian BBQ at the hotel. Happy hour each day was great with 2 for 1 slushy cocktails and cheap beer. One of the nicest meals was at the Lions Restaurant at the Safari Park. The restaurant was windows all around it and you look at the lions and meerkats while eating. It was very entertaining. We had a lovely 4 course meal while watching the animals.

We all managed to get a stomach bug and poor Zoe was sick all over the restaurant floor at Kori’s. I walked her back to the hotel and about 12 other people left the restaurant. That night she was also sick over her bed. I felt sorry for the poor housekeeping people. The rest of us were knocked out for a day each, one after the other. About half of the 18 of us, were sick at one stage or another.

We left Bali really late at night (11.15pm) and boarded the Jetstar plane home. We tried to get some sleep on the plane, but that didn’t really work. We finally arrived back in Cairns at 9.30am (after a 3hr wait in Darwin) and were picked up by Lyn & Rowan which was a great welcome home. They had even put our caravan onto our site so we could just walk in. After a cuppa, we had a sleep and were slowly getting back to normal.

We all really enjoyed our time overseas catching up with great friends and sharing great laughs. We are already planning our next overseas trip, but where to next?



So not fun in the transit lounge :(
The kids enjoy the plane ride
Pete, Wayne & Dave enjoy a Bintang
Zoe and Charlote get their hair braided

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August 23, 2013
WOW The Richards overseas!! Looks like you had an amazing trip. Loving reading the blog Tam, so nice to see where you are and what you are up to. Looking foorward to the day when u r back in Perth though so we can introduce you to little Miss Duncan :)
Take care all,
The Duncans xx
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