Port Gibbon SA 27 Feb – 13 March 2014

March 13, 2014 - Cowell, Australia

After more than 2 weeks at Point Lowly we moved on southwards. We have spent the last 2 weeks at Port Gibbon, a free camp (actually is free) south of Cowell on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

It is a great free camp with drinking water taps, dump point and toilets. There would be about 15 vans at the camp most days and a beer garden that everyone meets at every afternoon at 5pm. The beautiful white sandy beach is just a short walk down the stairs. The water was warm most days and various shades of blue. Unfortunately the seaweed also thought it was a great place to stop. We had some great fishing days from the beach and caught plenty of huge whiting and herring. Cowell is only about 15min up the road so Pete took the boat off the car and took it in a few times to get feeds of blue swimmers. Just as they were last year, they were all a good size and you didn’t even need to check them against the gauge. One day Pete went out with Zac and John (we met John and Fran in Blackwater in QLD last September) and they came home with 36 crabs. We had crab for dinner for about 3 days! We had crab sandwiches, crab spring rolls, crab fritters and crab mornay. We are getting quite skilled at various crab recipes.

The beer garden was a great social gathering every night. We met lots of people from all over the country and some from overseas. Most of the travelers were on their way west, so we may just bump into them as we continue along. Most were permanently on the road but come back here every year for upto 3 or 4 months of the year.

We visited a few different beaches along the coastal strip here. Flat rock is where everyone (except us) are catching snapper, The Knob is also a rocky outcrop for good fishing. It also has a great little swimming beach. There is a little beach up the road that has resident Sea lions that like to sun themselves on the beach. We visited the 2 pubs in Cowell for their Wednesday night specials. One has a schnitzel night ($11.50 for schnitzel, chips and all you can eat salad bar) with huge meals. They were so big, the kids shared one. The other pub has roast night ($12.00 pig on the spit with salad) which was really yummy. This is one spot we would come back to and would recommend it to others.

Scott, Tania and Tristan Krammer (we met in Streaky Bay January 2013) were on their annual holidays and we managed to catch up with them. They camped only 2km down the road, so was great to catch up and see how their life has returned to “normal” after being away for 1 year.

I had my birthday the other week and we had a special seafood feast for dinner with Fran and John. We had snapper, potato cakes and crabs. It was super yummy. Lucky Zac remembered mid afternoon or everyone would have been in serious trouble. Just like Pete, I got a new car for my birthday!! Lucky me.

The kids have been collecting cans and bottles by the bucket load and have made a few dollars. SA has the 10c refund per container returned to the depots. I think the count is about $70 - $80 each so far and they should be able to earn around $100 each before we leave SA.

School work continues most days and the kids are working their way through it well. Year 6 is proving more difficult for Zac and he has to do a little more work than Zoe, but he understands. Zoe thinks school is an inconvenience but her results are really good. She topped her class last year, and continues to do well. They only have a few weeks left and then distance education will be all over. It certainly has been an interesting experience for everyone.


The kid's cubby
Birthday dinner
Dinner in the beer garden with friends
Pete models his fish

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Karli Owen:
March 16, 2014
Great to hear ou guys are still catching so many fish and crabs, we reminisce all the time about our big seafood catches!! Glad you got yo catch up with Scott and Tanya and Tristan too xx
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