Haslam SA March 23rd - 31st 2014

March 31, 2014 - Smoky Bay, Australia

We have just spent the last week at the small seaside town of Haslam. It is 70km east of Ceduna and only has a few houses/shacks, a boat ramp, a jetty and a free camp. It was a good base to be able to visit the other local towns of Streaky Bay, Smokey Bay and Ceduna. The camp area can handle about 15 vans comfortably but had over 20 some nights. A flushing toilet and a town water tap made the stay quite easy. The weather for the most part was quite nice with the wind picking up in the afternoons and dropping off in the evenings. We caught up with 4 vans of people we had met a few weeks ago at Port Gibbon. It was just like a reunion. We had a go at fishing and crabbing from the jetty most days, and ended up with a few feeds of King George Whiting and crabs too. Some even made it into the freezer.

We went to Streaky twice and did some shopping and fishing/crabbing. It wasn’t particularly fruitful for fish, but we did get a few crabs. Zoe and Pete took advantage of one of the hot days and had a swim in the jetty pool.

Smokey Bay was beautiful. We bought some oysters and cooked them Kilpatrick style for dinner. We even went and got a few dozen more because they were so nice. At $5 a dozen, who could resist! We only caught a few crabs from the jetty but put with the ones from Haslam, it was enough for crab mornay.

Ceduna was another day trip we made. We had a look around, visited the satellite shop (dramas with the vast box and LNB, yes another 2 things that have died) and tried for fish and crabs from the jetty. We took a photo of the big oyster (not that impressive really), picked up some groceries, had lunch at the bakery and headed home.

We were doing the washing one day and the generator revved like no tomorrow and stopped. The poor thing was not happy. Neither was I seeing as I had a heap of washing to do. Pete had a look at it and it looks like it needs to see the inside of a skip bin.!Ok I may be exaggerating, but it may need a new mother board, which is more than likely expensive. Oh well, just add it to the car, satellite box and LNB. Maybe the universe is trying to tell us something.

We have now left Haslam and are at a small town called Penong. It is about 70km or so West of Ceduna. Yesterday was 37˚, today was 37˚ and tomorrow will be 39˚. We thought it would be best for everyone to pack up early and head to a caravan park so we could use the power for the air con and washing machine seeing as the generator has died. It is only $27 per night so we will get some school done tomorrow before heading off on Wednesday to the Head of The Bight. I am hopeful that we will see a whale. It is not quite whale season yet, but they have had 8 in the last couple of weeks. Fingers crossed.


Not a bad spot to stop for lunch - Elliston Jetty
Smoky Bay
Haslam Jetty
Seafood dinner.
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