Nullabor Plain to Esperance 2nd-9th April 2014

April 9, 2014 - Esperance, Australia

We left Penong on a much cooler day. The drive across the Nullarbor started well. The temperatures were low (low 20’s) and there wasn’t a breath of wind. We managed to cruise along at about 95km/hr which is a cracking pace for us. Our first stop was at the Head of The Bight Visitor Centre. It is a 12km drive off the highway and takes you to the eastern side of the Bunda Cliffs. We were hoping to see a whale on their migration north, but it wasn’t to be. The views were still really pretty. I wouldn’t go in peak times as it would be really expensive and a bit further down the road you can get the same views for free. We took a few iconic photos along the way to break up the trip.

After lunch we kept driving and managed to cross the border back into WA. We gained 2.5hrs so kept going till about 3.30pm. We travelled 570km that day and were exhausted. The overnight stop was at a roadside camp (Moodini Bluff) with lots of spots to get away from the road noise. We had a really early night because we were still operating on SA time. We were up early and headed off towards Norseman. We had a great days drive again and managed the rest of the 570Km to a campsite 20km south of Norseman called Dundas Rocks. The march flies were incredible, but we were all by ourselves for the night. Overall the Nullarbor was ok. We saw lots of cliffs and shrubs and straight roads. The fuel was expensive, but we filled up at the right times to avoid the worst of it. We celebrated 2 milestones on the Nullarbor. The first one was on the 2nd April – our 3 year wedding anniversary. The second, we celebrated 2 years on the road on the 3rd April. We picked up our “We Crossed the Nullarbor” Certificates from Norseman to prove our journey was real.

The next day we arrived in Esperance and made it to the home of Joe, Sherilea, Casey (12yrs) and Sophie (8yrs). We met Sherilea’s parents in Haslam and insisted we stay at their home. They have a 5 acre property near Pink Lake 15km from town. We are set up on their property connected to lovely rain water. They have taken us out to explore Esperance like the locals do. We went for a 4wd along a lovely beach out of town and had a swim and fish. Then we went to some huge sand dunes and got the kids to try and boogie board down them. The boards weren’t slippery enough despite trying to coat them in sunscreen and soap. We were invited to the next door neighbours for a bbq and got to meet some really lovely people. We are very lucky to be able to stay around lovely people. Pete went out with the boys for a night fish at 14mile beach. He had a fantastic time with a few beers, camp fire and laughs. We took a drive out to Cape Le Grand National Park for a day visit. It is home to Lucky Bay – boasting the whitest sand in Australia. We had a bbq lunch with a friendly goanna and a drive on the beach. The bays were amazing. This is a spot that we would visit again and camp at. It is really busy with school holidays now, but would be great a couple of weeks either side. The camp grounds have water, ablutions with hot showers and rubbish collection. All you could need for about $20p/n. We did a few afternoons at Twilight Beach, which has the most amazing blue water. The colours are spectacular and unfortunately the photos don’t do it justice. The waters all around this area are the same. We managed to score the perfect weather this week with little or no wind and rain and temperatures in the mid to high 20’s. It would most definitely get windy though with a wind farm perched on the hill behind the property here! Unfortunately for Pete, he put his back out again and was in bed for 2 days. After 3 chiropractor visits and a hospital visit, he is now upward and mobile and we can continue our trip. With everywhere we call busy till after Easter, we plan on camping for the next week or so till we get back on the west coast and try to settle into “normal” life.


What on earth is crossing the road??
Head of the bight
Bunda Cliffs at the Head of The Bight
Certainly have travelled many many kilometers
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