Ko Tao and New Years/full moon

December 20, 2009 - Ko Tao, Thailand

After arriving at the pier in Koh Tao and grapping some food we made our way down to the Sairee Beach where we found a nice simple Bungalow 10 meters away from the beach. The beach side was packed with loads of cool restaurants and Bars where you could choose to just hangout and chill with a beer or dance alnight and watch the fire shows.

First thing we did was jumping into the water in sunset light before we got ready for exploring the island. The next days we spent lots of time at the beach, driving over to the ...islands just 5min by boat, which were connected by a long sandbar. There we tried our new snorkel equipment for the first time and saw some really beautiful fishies and corals.

After a few days we changed our residence to the southern part, expecting to see some other snorkling sites, but it was so calm and small that we went back after a day.

The Party Scene on Ko Tao was so far the best, so many bars everywhere and everynight a sth. to do.The place was crowed, especially the swedish people were found on every corner. One night we went and saw a ladyboy show, sitting in second row with more female then male audience, Fredrik was sweating, being scared of having to go on the stage. Unfortunatly he didnt:)The show was amazing, so much fun.

We found this really sweet cheap restaurant across our apartment which had the best thaifood, super nice waiters and free wifi, so we spent most of our hangovers there eating the best Pad-Thai eva.

Since X-Mas was getting close we went xmas shopping (felt weird walking around in shorts instead of winterclothes) although the gift selection was kind of limited (shorts and bikinis and shorts and bikinis). On Xmas eve we tried to celebrate it as "normal" as possible. We went to the beach, had some xmas lunch (noodles) and then at 3 it was time for Kalle Anka (a Donald Duck programm that people in sweden watch every Xmas and that I had downloaded in advance) and some xmas beer. We gave our presents (among other things a hammock and sunglasses) and then had a very traditional Xmas meal with Garlic and Peppar Chicken noodles and several deep fried fish starters. The following hours we spend sitting on a bench next by the beach and talking on the phone, wishing the family Merry Christmas. There after it was party time (a lot of people were partying in their big day the 25th dec UK, Australia, Canada.)

The following couple of days we enjoyed more xmas feelings and food (I even got to eat a swedish pizza with sauce Bearneise). Everybody was running around along the beach with their red X-Mas hats and wishing everybody Merry X-Mas.

For New Years Eve we had at first planned to celebrate it on Ko tao, but after some more thought we decided to attend the mother of all parties, the New Years/Full Moon Party on Ko Phan gan.

The Plan was very adventurous, we were heading there without a place to stay (All places had been booked out for weeks in advance or were 3 times more expensive.), then leave for Ko Lanta by ferry at 6 in the morning.

Our Pre-Party we started at the Coral Bungalows Resort (where we went the week before to the pool paerty) where we met some friends from Cambodia. Our civilised dinner ended up with everybody drinking, singing, and painting the person next to him with Neon Colours all over the body. Later on we made our way to the Sairee Beach to meet some other people.

The party was crazy, 50,000 people dancing on the beach. Unfortunatly it didnt last that long. We ran into a little bit of bad luck when the fire work display started exploding very close to where everybody was standing. Suddenly Nathalie was struck by something in her shoulder and 2 hours of horrific Emergency Room action followed. But it was more of a Thai Emergency Room Version, so no need for repeating.

It was luckely just a flesh wound, so after some cleaning and bandaging we were ready to go again.Tthe next morning we made the ferry (I slept 30 min of 3h, Nat slept none) and then our 10 hour journey to the other coast begun...



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