6. Chiredzi

September 4, 2009 - Chiredzi, Zimbabwe

We got back to the Ballance home by 9 and found out that Blake and I were booked to go with the Davy's (close family friends of the Ballances - Buckley and his finace' Tammy, and James) to the Gonarezhou reserve in Malilangwe reserve. We hastily packed and met at their house. Apparently punctuality is not one of their strong points. I was feeling very tired and fluey and when we had not yet left by 2pm i decided to stay home. Blake was still gungho and clutched onto the back of their series one landrover using all but his pinkie. It sounded like an epic adventure but he will have to retell the stories to you when he has a moment.

I stayed at home reading and pottering around the garden. Think i really needed it.

Blake got back late on Tuesday aftenoon hardly recognisable through the dust - except for his grin - and we had a relaxed evening around the fire chatting to Nicola (a german friend of the Ballances) exchanging humerous travel stories.

We awoke on Wednesday and spent the day gardening - Blake and Tore turned the compost, which is Tore's baby, (though he spent most of the time expounding on his various ideas and thoughts while Blake slaved). Dave Watson, you would love it here!

On Thursday Blake went for a run up baobab hill with Tore. Kwelani, the dog, nearly had baboon for breakfast but was able to be held back. Tanya, you are so right, there is a definite resemblace between your dad and his mutt! He even comments on it, but in very complimentary terms that i don't think you were referring to. After thir run they changed and went the home of an interesting man that had just passed away. It sounded bizarre. Smithey went to sit with a friend who's dog was paralized, temporarily it turns out, from eating a poisonous frog. Things are weird in Zim!

At 4 we met with John, Smitheys brother, who is a buyer for Malelangwe Reserve, and headed out into the reserve, through the no entry sign (always wanted to do that, i knew there would be the best game there!) right up to the den of hyenas. We then spent an unforgettable 2 hours with hyena cubs, in the wild!!! We sat next to the car and after much patience on our part their curiosity won over and they came right up to sniff our fingers. This is so your world, Jas. It was magnificent

What a way to end off

Who said Zim was tough? It rocks!!!


A job well done
Blake and tore turning the compost
hyena pup up close
hyena pup in the wild


September 5, 2009
Just looked through all the photo's, fantastic!! I spotted the stroopwafels ;-) ;-) Love the one with you both and the turtle, isn't diving just amazing? and the moray eel; not my friend. And was laughing at the various tight squeezes in various vehicles!

Seems you are meeting wonderful people along the way and seeing great things. Thanks for keeping us updated! Love!
Naomi Thurtell:
September 6, 2009
WOW!!!! You guys are having such an awesome adventure... thanks for all the blogs and picts... love the humour :) Ba ha ha! Have fun friends :)
Pam Berry:
September 8, 2009
Hey guys, so sorry that you haven't heard from us earlier...I feel a little delayed on the whole blog front...but now I have explored and know how it all works, as you can see from all the comments. Love you loads!
Lin T:
September 11, 2009
So enjoying your travel blog!! Your descriptions are so expressive. The pics are amazing. The power and beauty of God's creation is just mind boggling and what a privilege to be able to take pleasure in exploring your Africa. Fondest love from us all.
September 17, 2009
I am glad you were stroking elephants on the day we married. We love you both tons. Have fun, be safe, and be wowed by it all.
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