7. more Chiredzi and surrounds

September 5, 2009 - Chiredzi, Zimbabwe

Friday we woke early, voluntarily (yes, Pam, we are having more early mornings than i care to count) and went for a hike up the nearby hill, Baobab hill to make it to the top by sunrise. We dodged a few baboon and bees and enjoyed some oranges at the top. What a view! what a designer! We also saw the sudden and vicious fires of the sugar cane farms light the morning sky. They are lit early in the morning while it is still cool and serve to clean off all the leaves around the cane. It is such a huge and short fire that, apart from the smoke billowing above, you almost feel as though you dreampt the whole episode.

Blake spent the rest of the morning with Tore being taught the intricacies of candlestick making. Tore put Blake right onto the advanced lathe. I have yet to see the result.

In the evening Smithey, Blake and I headed out to the Warths farm, about an hour out of Chiredzi. Aurora and Tatum would have loved it. It is all that an animal farm should be, as we saw when we woke the next morning. We went for a walk with 3 tame elephants. Shitora is huge and is 13years old and sedate, Mungwezi is also 13 but a littlbe bit smaller and full of character and charm, Kimber is the baby, she is 5 and likes to be the centre of attention. She trumpets her tantrums and mock charges at will. She is the little princess, though and you can see that the other 2 mother and humour her. What an experience!

We also met chicco the parrot who eats at the table and comments at will; the blind buffalo who has been adopted by a calf who has obviously taken him under her wing (or hoof, or udder – don’t know what fits); the parading peacocks attracting attention; a group of 5 goslings who were being ‘incubated’ after being stung by a hive of angry bees that killed their parents and severly wounded most of their siblings; a little chick who had a tick problem and lots of birds and horses and cows. What a wonderland. Blake also went with Gary Warth to watch the shooting and slaughtering of a cow. Quite a gruesome process. Quite a stench!

We ate mounds of farmstyle food – recommended – and headed off to the Rewari reserve (which was the original motivation for going out that way) to meet up with a group of farmers who would be joining to count buffalo in the buffalo paddock. We had been prepared for a night holding vigil at a watering hole counting dark forms approaching the water throughout…in actuality we left the camp at about 6pm and did more of a game drive around the paddock. Tore had joined us at this time and provided both the erratic, swooping spotlight and the comic relief. We drove past a huge herd of buffalo – uncountable – and some wild pig (Looked like the boar that Obelix and Asterix enjoy) By 9pm we were all back at the camp braaiing. This was the real reason for traipsing out this way, we realized.  And what a feast it was! We slept under the stars beside a lake totally content.

We awoke at sunrise to the subtle sounds of Tore chopping wood for a fire (I.e. rather rough awakening) and slowly started the big cook up breakfast. We headed back to the Warth’s utterly satisfied. We lazed at their farm til late afternoon and headed back to Impala drive for our last night in Chiredzi.

Lee and Maquinna (Rach's cousin) got married in Canada on the 4th. Woohoo. All our best to them. Such an adventure to embark on. May God thouroughly bless you both as you follow Him and enjoy eachother. Did i say WOOOHOOO yet? Love ya tonnes


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Joan Proudfoot:
September 11, 2009
It seems to just get better and better!!! Rach I love the way you see life and Blake for the way you take every opportunity to participate in it. All the best for the next step ... this has become my favourite serial! Much love, Joan
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