17. Finally Egypt

January 10, 2010 - Moshi, Tanzania

We pulled into the Aswan harbour with land in jumping distance from the boat at 11am but were confined to the ferry for a further 4 and a half hours while medicals and immigrations proceedures were applied. Finally our yellow fever vaccination earned it's keep. I had some interesting altercations (at least in my head that is) with 4 egyptian woman who did not understand the concept of a queue. I found suprising responses coming to the fore in me as i jostled for my rightful place. Somehow, without saying a word they managed to get passed me each time and reached the shore at least 7 people before me. AArgh. Passive agression!

That little window into my personality flaw aside, we grinned in amusement to see an eggplant floating in the murky egyptian waters. No wonder they make babaganough if aubergine is so prolific it even spills over into the lake.

Now this is the land of abundance i was talking about! Entering the town of Aswan on the shores of the Nile was a sort of promise land (not quite biblically accurate, i know). Bizze, Baklava, turkish coffee, hummus, pita bread, Shwarmas and filafel were being sold at every corner. A long street of markets with men handing out adulation and compliments til i was glowing; "wow, what beautiful eyes";"how many camels for her';'what a lucky man" and so on. It was not until the next day that i came off my cloud, hearing all theire flattery for what it was...a sales ploy. I am so easily bought. Blake continued the adoration til i was consoled (and i purchased nothing in protest).

We welcomed the new year from the 13th floor of the Movenpick building with a breathtaking view of the city and the only firecrackers let off on the night. It was a time of remembering all that GOd has done for us and for anticipation for all that is in store for the year ahead. Wooohooo! Welcome 2010!

On the 1st we took a short train ride to Luxor and booked into a 3rd floor room in the new Everest Hotel (it felt that many steps). It was here that we had an honest look at our finances and motives. We had been confidently speaking about visiting Lebanon and Amsterdam after Egypt. The costs of the flights were more than we'd calculated and we realised that perhaps our hearts were ungrateful and greedy, not happy with the extravagant adventure that God has lavished on us already but always hoping for more. After this glimpse it was with initial disappointment but resulting excitement and indebtedness that we booked our flights back to SA and apologised for the hopes we'd unfairly raised. What a life changing and molding trip this has been. We can't wait to really review it all!

In Luxor we visited 6 tombs and 2 temples. Made me think of Indiana Jones. I'm sure i could have unearthed some undiscovered  treasure if i'd had a bit more time...alas, i could not decode the heiroglyphics at such speed. It really was fascinating and gigantically impressive. The pictures don't do it justice. I started reading about Joseph and so much came to life. I'm loving Egypt!

On the 3rd we took a bus ride to Hurgada (on the coast of the red sea) and moved into the Reemyvera - a resort that was generously organised for us by Moheb and Rania. It was a bit of a space warp...all the other guests there were Russian....we had been attempting some Arabic and now had to explain why we didn't speak Russian. Who would have expected that issue in Egypt? Go figure.

On the 5th we began our 17 hour and 4 links bus ride to Dahab. We arrived on the 6th and realised that our sleep deprevation had transported us to heaven. AAAh. This place is bliss. It's going to be hard to leave. I have eaten Tabboleh every day, we've snorkled in the most amazing surrounds, we've ridden camels (and i now have back ache), we've recouperated, dreampt, planned, walked, tanned and today i'm allowed to shop. Tonight we will be hiking up Mount Sanai (where God gave Moses the 10 Commandments) at 1am to be up there for the sunrise tomorrow. It's all making the bible open up to me and making me alive. Wish you could all see this!

Tomorrow afternoon we leave for Sohag to see Moheb and Rania for a day or 2 then onto the final point of this journey, Cairo.

Happy New Year to you all. We'll write again once we are in Joburg. Thank you for travelling with us, you have been a constant delight as travel companions. We love you!

Love from a recommended Paradise




January 10, 2010
So great to follow this adventure with you guys! Amazing that so much has happened & you have seen SO much in the last months. God is so good!
Lin T:
January 10, 2010
Your updated photographs are awesome!! I can see the book Rach! The people are beautiful! And so are the two of you!!
Enjoy your last days in Egypt. I am sure you are sad it is coming to an end but the memories and stories are yours to share! We are so looking foward to time with you. We praise the Lord for this opportunity and the experiences and we pray for your safe return. Fondest love.
January 11, 2010
Blake and Rach, the saddest part about hearing that you're heading home is that it means that my weekly dose of vicarious living is going to come to an end. How sad that my armchair travels through Africa are finishing :(

Nevertheless, it'll be great to see you guys again and I look forward to blake either shaving or having to endure fully body searches at every airport en-route back home for looking more like a terrorist or a prophet than an enthusiastic traveller!

Take care
John Black:
January 11, 2010
Awesome reading, feels as if I am there with you!!!!
Nelson & Rosemary:
January 11, 2010
Well done!!. We have been following your brave journey and find that we are reminded "That life is only travelled through once on this earth." So enjoy every moment admiring and experiencing Gods wonderful ceation, and bearling in mind His abounding provision and Glory in all that you do.

Blessings in the 2010 th Year of our Lord.
Nelson & Rosemary
Jodi de Lijster:
January 11, 2010
Hey guys, thanks for the postcards - the boys love them, us too... we are loving the updates and can't wait to see you... for now, the pics on our fridge will have to suffice! take care and travel safe!! x all of us
January 11, 2010
It's amazing to think that you're with Moheb & Rania. I think you will probably have many of your questions answered as they are very knowledgeable about things Egyptian. I got as close as I could to Sohag on google earth but I couldn't actually see the Abadeers or their home. Maybe my expectations are a bit unrealistic. Keep taking those incredibly creative and difinitive pictures of yours. "You rock" too or rather, "You pyramid!" Love.
January 12, 2010
Wow...you guys have had an amazing trip, its been great sharing it with you along the way. Rach, you definitely have a flair for writing and almost transported us to the very places you were seeing and experienceing. The photos are amazing as well.
God has been faithful, providing, guiding your paths and keeping you safe. All glory to Him!
Look forward to your return, hopefully see you before I leave for the UK on the 14th Feb.
You're returning to the most beautiful place on earth, so thats a bonus! God bless and see you soon.
Mandi xxx
January 13, 2010
You guys are my heroes! You actually made it all the way to the top!!!! WOW! Go the Tuckers! Selfishly looking forward to having you back on SA soil though... it's gonna be so good to catch up. Chat soon, much love.. mwa mwa xoxo
Paul Frier:
January 13, 2010
Great travelogue - I'll miss the updates! Blake - I'll sponsor a blade and some shaving cream upon your return! You make Kingsley Holgate look like Mary Poppins!


January 20, 2010
Wow, such cool pics. Sounds like so much fun and Rach you write so beautifully - seriously! Can't wait to have your asses back home though :)
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