Update the last: A happier ending

April 25, 2011 - Oxford, United Kingdom

Happy Easter, thanks for bearing with me over the last 11 weeks, and apologies for the last update being so wingey - I was in a bad place (Delhi, to be specific, not somewhere I intend to return in a hurry), and am now in a good one.

Since my last update, I made it to my flight to Moscow, and eventually got to Heathrow - pretty knackered, without having brushed my teeth in many too many hours, but safely back on British soil at last, for which I never thought I'd be so grateful. I was through immigration in the blink of an eye, my bag first off the plane, and Mum & Dad kindly came and picked me up, so I was back at Marine Park House barely two hours after landing. I had an amazing just-over-a-day at home, got to see all my lovely siblings (and one soon-to-be-sibling!), got some great birthday presents, and was generally pampered. I also had one of the best night's sleep I've had in ages, and some great food - only wish my bowels were back to normal and I could have eaten a little more of it!

Lots of goodbyes, and after a quick game of putting (I came last) I was on the train and met Connie at Heathrow to catch the bus together back to Oxford. And since then, I've done a whole lot more relaxing, sleeping, just about regained my appetite, bit of unpacking, and generally doing anything but the essay which is due tomorrow afternoon. Couldn't be happier!

To all who've been in England and have kept in touch by commenting on the blog, sending emails, etc etc, thank you so much - it's made a long time mostly on my own seem as if I never was. And to those I've met along the way, here's hoping we meet again, and do stay in touch. Now also seems like a good time to say my new email address is timothyrobson@doctors.org.uk - my Oxford email address will expire in the Summer.

Until next time.

Tim x


April 25, 2011
What an adventure, Tim. So enjoyed reading your blogs. Really full of admiration. Glad you're back safely with memories you'll never forget. Surely nothing will ever now be a hurdle that you can't jump?

Susie xx
April 25, 2011
Well Tim I'm hoping that your tummy is now back to normal and that you can indulge yourself on western delights!
Great to to see you even though it was for such a short time. See you on the 2nd July.
Dad xxx
Polly Robson:
April 26, 2011
Great to have you back with us, even though your blogs kept us well-informed of all your doings. They reminded me that you are never likely to starve, even when the delights include such things as spinal cord...that even with a very tight budget you could live simply and just enjoy the delights of whatever is in front of you, and your planning was exemplary, if complicated, and you made the travelling alone (mostly)...you have so many skills dear son, and continue to amaze. Ma xx
April 27, 2011
Tim - despite the horrible ending in Delhi (you and I totally agree only my views extend to large chunks of India - only Kerala left on a list, otherwise I intend to avoid henceforth) it sounds as though you've had a really fascinating time. I'm sure you'll look back with wonderment. Hopefully some of your new friends will be around to reminisce and laugh with you - and enjoy a ton more of the same before too long ! See you August. Carole x
May 27, 2011
Dear Tim,

I work for a world music company called Mondomix in Paris. Each week we write a short article (in French) about a relatively unknown holiday destination, by finding an amateur travel blog and taking some of the photos from it.

I was wondering if you might be interested in letting us take some of your photos of Thimphu, Bhutan. We would include a link to your blog at the end of the article.

Please contact me (let me know if you can't see my email address for some reason) if this would appeal to you,

Thank you and regards,

Devlin Glasman
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