Update 15: The Mother of all Endings

April 20, 2011 - New Delhi, India

 Well folks, I've had an amazing 10 and a half weeks of elective, but I'm afraid to say it's gone rather firmly downhill since I waved Tom off yesterday afternoon, and nothing to do with the 'Extra Large Bed' the hotel CLAIMED I'd asked for when we arrived in Kathmandu (I'm pretty sure I asked for a Twin...).

Alas, after 10 weeks and two days of nothing but the odd sniffle, I came down with some pretty heavy nausea on Tuesday afternoon, and the consequence was some not-so-enjoyable toilet-hugging and the 'sausage pattie' I'd had for brunch making an untimely reappearance. Pretty feverish overnight, but no more vomiting, then got up at 5.30am in time to catch a taxi to the airport, feeling not great but a hell of a lot better. Lots of waiting in the airport, and endless seemingly unnecessary security checks - I was frisked at least 3 times, and our bags were checked several times, including as we went on to the plane. The result being that we took off an hour and a half late.

I thought I had plenty of time to transit from the Jet Airways flight to the Virgin Atlantic flight to London in Delhi, but turned out no - because we arrived at 12.15 for a 13.15 flight, we were unable to check in. What they'd said about it being 'one on ticket' didn't seem to be worth anything here. Intensely stressful and annoying 10 hours in the transit lounge followed, during which I at one point thought I would be in there for 48 hours plus (no visa to leave the airport, and no spare seat on tomorrow's Virgin flight), until I finally booked a flight via Moscow, which I hope (not that hopeful...) to get refunded for.

Anyway, I will be leaving Delhi in two and a half hours, and won't have been more glad to leave a place. Fingers crossed everything will run smoothly from there, and I'll be back in time to receive a few birthday presents from the family! It's been lovely to chat to Mum, Dad, and the brothers on the phone (dread to think what my phone bill will be, but perhaps I'll post it to VA...), and now I'm typing partly to have a bit of a winge (feel I've earnt it), partly to keep myself awake. It's 2am here, but only half 9 in the UK, so in an attempt to minimise jet lag (and avoid missing my flight, which I don't even want to think about), I'm going to try and stay as awake as possible until my arse reaches the seat on the plane, at which point I will most likely pass out.

Really hope the Robsons are having fun at home, can't say I'm having a beer here (partly because I have no Indian rupees and they won't change my Nepali ones!), but intructions have gone out that they have an extra one each for me, and don't think I won't be checking!

Lots of love from India,

Tim x


April 21, 2011
What a nightmare of a final cadence to what was otherwise a fabulous epic symphony of transfiguration and adventure! Will be with you Tim in about 4 hours at Heathrow ready to welcome you and take you home for some well-earned rest. Mum and I will take care of you once landed on terrafirma.

Lots of Love

Dad xxx
Polly Robson:
April 21, 2011
Soon on our way to fetch you dear boy. sorry the end hasnt matched up to the beginning. we found it pretty hard to have a wild night without you, and reckon it must be you who is the wild one, or at least the catalyst for all things crazy.....your ears must have burned, most of which will be repeatable today.
God bless and safe flying. Ma xx
April 22, 2011
What a pity it had to end that way. However, I hope that, by now, you are safely in the family fold being looked after and sharing the wonderful experience you have just had. Thanks so much for the superb accounts of your trip which have been thoroughly enjoyed. LOL
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