March 18, 2009 - Wokingham, United Kingdom

Hey Everybody,

Hope everybody back home is doing well....Thought I would drop in to let you all know that I am still alive and well.  I haven't really been up to too much lately hence the reason why I haven't updated my profile in a while.

It was Tammy's birthday the weekend just gone.  We went out for dinner in Henley on Saturday night with a group of her friends and then went to the pub.  Then on Sunday we went to Snow Patrol concert.  The concert was at the O2 Arena in London.  It was the best ever!!!! The O2 holds up to 200,000 people.  We were up in the sky, but it was still amazing though. I will upload some photos on here for the people who don't have Facebook to look at as well.

Not long now till I'm in Turkey.  I'm really looking forward to a holiday.  We have soooo many planes flying over going into Heathrow, and it makes me jealous that people have been on holiday and I haven't been for almost a year now!  Can you believe that next month I will be here a year! So for all of those people that made beats that I would be home before a year is up, exchange your beats now please! Haha...Not even really considered coming home yet (sorry Mum!) I'm loving it still! Work is still heaps of fun, even when you are under alot of pressure! I'm really enjoying my school run too.  The kids are so neat to work with.

We had another NZ girl start at work a few weeks back.  She is 17 and is from Wellsford.  Good to have two of us, so when people pick on us for speaking funny we can stick together! :)

Well I think that is about all of goss from this neck of the woods.

Just wanting to wish my cousin Janene a big Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!! Have a good day!!! Also a big HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to Matt for the 25th of March, and Danielle also for the 25th - go do a high kick and dance on some tables Dani!!!

Miss you guys lots!!!

Love u all xxooxxoooxxoo


Me n Dean
Me n Tammy
Dean n Nick
Me, Vicki (Tammy's Cousin) n Tammy


Gdad andGma.:
March 18, 2009
Good to know you are still enjoying your OE.You havn't mentioned anything about the Worldwide depression.According to the news over here,about ten thousand Kiwis are expected to return to NZ. this year.Won't be long now till Mum and Dad will be seeing you.Bye for now blossom.Gdad and Gma. Love you heaps.ooooxxxx.
March 18, 2009
Wow venue looks huge, vector arena looks small now. Coldplay are here at the mo. Its a sell out. We are off to Canada for a month in 6 weeks time so can't wait. I will miss Bella though. Not long until your ma and pa will be there with you. I can't believe a year has passed by, I thought you would still be there in a year - sorry Christine!!! Keep having fun,am jealous you are off to Turkey.Take care. Had dinner at your house on Sunday for Mum's birthday which was yummy roast lamb. You were with us in spirit. Lots of love Sandra, Jeanette and Bella.
dave and pam:
March 18, 2009
good to know you are still enjoying yourself Take care when in turkey .The white slave trade prospers there. Stu says hello.
cheers Pam and Dave
March 19, 2009
Hi darling.............. What a nice surprise to get your phone call just before. It isn't the same not skyping you on a Thursday. 3 months today and we will on our way - YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait. Perhaps you can be one of Kiwis returning to NZ from their OEs once we come back!!!! PLEASE.
Better go and wake that Maxy boy. Forgot to get him to spell his name for you. How do you spell Max - he says M a x. How do you spell Mummy - he says M a x. Gotta love him.
Miss you and love you lots and lots and lots and lots
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