1 and a half more sleeps till Turkey!

April 20, 2009 - Wokingham, United Kingdom

 Heya everybody,

Well I've just got back from changing my money to Turkish money! I changed 200 pounds, and it got me something like 500 Turkish money, which I can't remember what the lady said they use! But I'm getting really excited now! I can't wait to be on a plane again! I have the travel bug again, and wish that I was a millionarie to just jump on a plane every month! I haven't been on a plane in a year now (yes, the last time I was on a plane was when I was heading over here and leaving little old NZ).  Can you believe how quickly it has gone?! I'm amazed that I am still here actually! But I'm enjoying it, and the minute I stop enjoying it will be the minute I decide it's time to come home!

So...My next big adventure...Turkey.  I'm flying out of Gatwick airport at 6:40am...Dean is going to be taking me to the airport at 2:30am! And I'm flying into Istanbul.  I'm doing a tour again with the same company I went around Europe with, and they are meeting me at the airport and putting me in a taxi which then takes me to the hotel where all of the group meets up! Should be good fun being with a group of Kiwi's and Aussies again! I think the tour includes a tour around Istanbul, and the main part of the tour is the Anzac Dawn Service at the shores of Gallipoli, and that includes a tour of the battle fields from World War I.  So that should be pretty moving, and an experience of a life time! The tour is 5 days long, and I'm staying at extra night in Istanbul after the tour and flying back on the 27th of April.  Hopefully I will be able to use the internet whilst in Turkey, if not I will fill you all in once I get back home!

I haven't really been up to to much else lately.  Been saving money for my trip.  Been working extremely hard, been working 50+ hours the last 2 weeks, since the kids have been on school holidays over Easter.  Our kids have got 3 weeks holidays this break because they are moving to a new school! Most of the other schools either go back today or tomorrow!

Tomorrow a group of us from work are going to Thrope Park which is an theme park.  Can't wait for that.  Hopefully the weather stays like it has been today and yesterday! The sun has been shining, and there is actually a little bit of warmth behind it now! :) Roll on summer I say! I'm sick of wearing my jeans and hoodies! 

I've put up a few new photos on here, so make sure you check them out. Most people would have seen them on Facebook, but for them people who don't have Facebook these are just for you! :)

I just want to say a big massive CONGRATULATIONS to Toni and Will, for their engagement! Sorry I can't make it to the big engagement party, but I will be thinking of you! And if nothing else brings me home, your guys wedding will!!! :)

Also want to wish my longest, coolest and bestest friend Nik a big HAPPY 23rd birthday for the 23rd!! Have a good one, and don't party too hard without me! :)

Well I best sign off now! Got a long list of things I need to do before tomorrow, including packing my bags!

Miss you all and hope everybody is well!!!!

Love you all long time




Dom, Me, Frenchy, n Paul after work
Me, Frenchy n Paul
Me n Paul...
Me n Iain - our assistant manager!


April 20, 2009
Hi Victoria, How exciting, have an awesome time in a very interesting country. It was really great to talk with you, was the highlight of my Easter along with Bacon and eggs we had. Can't wait to hear about your trip on your return. We have 12 sleeps to go for Canada. Happy travels. LOL Sandra, Jeanette and Bella.
April 21, 2009
Hi darling
Now that I have your itinerary I will be able to follow you around Turkey. Looks exciting. It will be your turn soon to follow us around.
Be safe and stay away from those Turks.
Love you biggest much
April 21, 2009
Hey Tory,
i hope you have a great but safe trip in Turkey. I know how the travel bug gets to you. Sometimes I still get the bug and I'm enivous that your travelling again. Be good and have fun. xxx
April 22, 2009
Hey ya Tory
It was really good to chat with you last weekend. Have fun exploring around Turkey and do be careful, listen to your mums advice!!! looking forward to seeing your pics once you get back, especially ones from Gallipolli.
bye for now Luv Erin xxxx
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