We are so blessed to be here, taking a small part!

January 7, 2010 - Manila, Philippines

The people here are great. Today, we were so blessed to get to help a little with a children's feed. A children's feed basically constitutes of gathering supplies, putting them into a GR41 van as well as a few helping hands, and walking into a neighborhood and cooking lunch for a bunch of kids. We did this in a woman who we knew's yard in Antipolo this time. For those of you who don't know, GR41 is basically a help everyone program done by believers, and they are on call, and will do just about anything for someone who needs something. I know this one has a lot of pictures, but believe it or not there's more under the pictures link.

Gathering to listen to a DVD from William Marrion Branham:

After a DVD of William Branham and some speaking and singing, medicines were handed out to parents who probably can't afford them reuglarly. Then we took a break, and set up the giant pot of food that had been bubbiling to the brim with some kind of chicken and rice soup, and children started to file in:

A couple helpers prepare a pot of soup that was filled to the brim with rice!

More than one set of hands helps hand out medicine to parents who otherwise would have a more difficult time obtaining them:

The line:

Cups of soup and spoons were handed out, until we eventually ran out of spoons, when we decided they would have to drink their lunch. Hehe! We also were blessed enough to have a little bit of candy to give on hand, even though we accidentally forgot most of it! Whoops.

Filipino children are so cute:

At the end, they happily congregated for a group shot:

It was great. There are more photos in my photo gallery, and I hope we'll be posting more pictures of something interesting soon! We're so blessed to see everything going on here in the Philippines, and how much work is being done here. God has been good! Thanks for looking, all!!

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Kati Gibler:
January 9, 2010
Nice Pictures Tracy! You're right the children are "so cute."
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