Thailand 3 - And Home to Alaska!

April 24, 2010 - Bangkok, Thailand

Okay, sorry about that, but here is my last post continued...

John plays with a millipede that he found in the leafy jungle of Thailand

When we cat, we get wild on instiect. Do you?

Songkran Day in Thailand is the Thai New Year, and they celebrate by pouring copious amounts of water on everyone they can, in any way they can, as well as applying some kind of powder to your face. People pile into the backs of pickup trucks and crowd around with buckets of water at intersections, ready to do battle with anyone or thing that walks by. There's no escaping it, even cars are splattered with powder, and it's tons of fun.


So, after much prayer, we found ourselves with tickets to Alaska and clear to leave Thailand. This is impossible, so we felt very grateful! So we headed up to Bangkok to hop on the plane. After an 11-12 hour all night bus ride, we found ourselves in Thailand's capitol, attempting to figure out what the day held for us. We were so blessed to find ourselves in the right places at the right time to get free or very cheap services, and in this case, God blessed us with a free tuk tuk ride all around the city.

If the SE Asians only do a few things well, Orchids are most definitely on the list. They are everywhere.

A giant - and I mean giant - Buddha statue stands slient and still as we look up at it from far enough away to get it all in one shot!


Thailand is the "Land of Smiles" but this guy was a bit much. He changed postions, but never actually stopped grinning!

We got to see fine jelwery being made and processed, all the way from the rough, unshined stones, and it was pretty cool. They actually handmake this stuff, obviously!

...any idea what those things with strange teeth are?

Just thought I'd take this picture to show all the Canon Camera fans out there that the King of Thailand himself approves of your taste.


Anyway, we made it home to Wasilla, and miracle after miracle escorted us all the way through Asia and to Alaska again. I doubt I'll be keeping this blog up, seeing as we're just home now, but if we leave again, perhaps I'll continue it! Lovely to be home again, it's beautiful and everyone is just as wonderful as when we left!


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