July 2, 2010 - Ha Noi, Vietnam

Mark and Wendy had a nice 1/2-day in Hanoi with Dave before heading back to Melbourne. We started the day at Pho 24, an authentic Vietnamese restaurant that serves only pho. Pho is a Vietnamese soup eaten mainly for breakfast. It consists of broth and noodles, various meats depending on preference (Mark got beef and Dave got chicken and baby eggs), with a side dish of mint, basil, bean sprouts, chilies, lime, cilantro, fish sauce, and hoisin sauce that are added to the hot soup.

After breakfast we walked out to the Hao Lo Prison, also known as "Hanoi Hilton." This prison was constructed by the French in the 1880's and housed both male and female political prisoners. Americans know this site as the prison where Senator John McCain was held as a Prisoner of War from 1967-1973.

After visiting Hao Lo, we walked along the lake and did some more souvenir shopping. We came across a market that reminded us of the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne that we visited earlier in the trip.

We have all enjoyed our time here but we're ready to return home. Wendy and Mark are looking forward to reuniting with Jack and Adam, Pauline and Craig, and Yoon hee, Sophia, and Yaya. Dave has one more night in Hanoi before he leaves for the U.S. tomorrow evening.



Dave outside "Hanoi Hilton"
Dave eats pho
Scene from inside Hoa Lo Prison
Senator McCain's flight uniform
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