A trip to Pisac Market

November 19, 2012 - Pisac, Peru


I am a real fan of indigenous markets and I had read a lot about the one in Pisac. One of my favourite articles that I recently read inspired me to not only take time to see the market, but also look a closer look at the traditional village of Pisac. You can read it here - Pisac - More Than Just a Ruin.

Pisac Market is located in the main Plaza de Armas of Pisac. I am told that on a Sunday and Wednesday the market is even bigger as more market sellers come to the market to sell additional food products. Even on a Monday the market was pretty big, with stalls stretching out into the cobbled streets joining the plaza.

Although there were some tourists at Pisac Market, it really didn't seem to be ram-packed full of foreigners. I wandered the markets stalls for a good 2 hours, taking time to look through the thousands of different products up for sale. I found a couple of very soft baby alpaca blankets which tempted me, plus some ornate hand-painted Andean cups, which depicted scenes of traditional Andean life. I used my best Spanish to barter with the vendors, and managed to get a good discount on the blankets and the cups.

I had a wonderful lunch in a restaurant called Ulrika's which was owned by a Dutch lady. The ‘menu del dia’ was tasty and very well-priced at just 15 Soles! It included a soup, main-course, an apple pie pudding plus a drink!

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