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February 20, 2010 - Brisbane, Australia

Last pictures In folder australia2.

(We are in a very nice small cosy pretty cheap hostel with free internet whoop whoop!)

Australian hostels in Melbourne are so very expensive that is was cheaper for us to rent and sleep in a car so we decided to drive over the great ocean road (again) to see some other side of australia. Was really nice; driving around over this beautiful road looking for a nice place to set up a noodle-picknick or park our car for the night (it is not allowed to sleep in your car at most places so we searched for places where there were no signs) in the middle of nowhere we watched movies, drank a bit of goon, listened to music really loud (noone was there) and we even did 2 walking routes through forests past waterfalls and stuff (parents proud of us?)

After that we rented another relocation car to drive up to brisbane with a few days stopover at byron bay where we met up with James Bond who we met on Phi Phi in Thailand. We partied a few nights and Martin even surfed a bit one last time (James Bond happens to be a surferdude). We also made a quick stopover in the hippievillage called Nimbin and in surfersparadise. If the hippies in Australia are like the ones in Nimbin, the dutch hippies are way cooler (says Martin). Otherwise both Nimbin and Surfersparadise was very touristic, allthough the ocean in SF was truly amazing with big, thick slow waves.

So we're in Brisbane now and fly out of here in a few days.

Last activity we will do is (finally) hugg with koalas and feed kangaroos on monday so that will be fun hopefully.

We will be home 24th late at night. Straaange! (and cold i suppose)


Daan in a remia-mayonaise commercial
Very very poisonous, in some cases even deadly )
Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road
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