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December 27, 2009 - Singapore, Singapore

 ...and to make nice pictures... Sorry

But there are some new pictures and movies (and coming up) from Koh Phangan (Full moon and half moon were amazing, check the new movie too :)) en KL & Singapore.

We're having a blast, meeting loads of fun crazy people and new friends and stay way too short in every place we go. Time flies by, its hard to believe we're already gone for almost 4 months. And time seems to speed up every week.

We had a white christmas as well because i insisted on going to a snowhall in Singapore (where they sing really poor), i got super jealous from all the facebook entries bout snow and ice, so we snowtubed off a hill and threw powder-snow snowballs (pictures on their way). So that was amazing. 

Tomorrow/in a few hours we're leaving for australia, sydney, melbourne and go work; stay in 1 place for a while, meeting up again with lots of Irish and Swedish and Australians.

Anyway happy christmas!


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December 27, 2009
Hey, guys,

we got a nice card from Sweden. From the family. You're doing fine we read in your journal. Pictures look lovely en sure...... time flies. The snow is slowely fading away. The shortest day has past. We miss you very much. Rosalia invites you both to have a skateparty (swimmingparty) in Sportiom when you are back.

love you XD XD XD rosalia en angela
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