February 3, 2010 - Melbourne, Australia

Sorry for the late update.. But here it is: Starting somewhere 5th of jan.

Because of a shortage of money we had to be creative (and very lucky) to find a cheap way from sydney to mebourne. We searched for a ride on internet (just like before) but couldnt find one. We were also browsing in the relocation cars ads. (Where you have to relocate a car from the drop-off city back to the office where it came from, mostly for 1 dollar a day and sometimes even with fuelmoney.) We could only find one car from Sydney to Adelaide and another from Adelaide to Melbourne (check on : little detour..). Or car... a campervan!

our 4 weel drive

The first one was a 4weeldrive 2 people campervan(!) with a double bed in which we slept in the middle of nowhere and it was COLD!! Saw only dead roadkill-kangaroos.

In Adelaide we dropped of our 4wd campervan and traded it in for this:

Our van/home

We wonder if we are alowed to dive such a monster in Europe, but here it was fine. We drove to the nearest beach to make some noodles (in our kitchen) and admire our house on wheels with TV, fridge, microwave, shower, 3 dubble beds, room for 6. AMAZING!!!!!!

To cover some of the cost (gas and insuranceblabla) we put an ad on the same site through wich we got our first ride to invite other backpackers on our trip en split the cost and everything. 1 Italian/Ozzy, 1 Thaiwanese and a french guy shared the touristical ride (through some mountains, past the Great Ocean Road), parked in a national park, and somewhere next to the road cause there were no sleepingplaces around. Barbeque in the park, drinking goon on the roof with a very loud radiohead (the bends voor de geinteresseerden; you do it to yourself, you do!) out of the speakers under a beautiful sky filled with stars. And we improved the 'give and take' game.

OE and have i told i got stopped by the police for a routine-check on alcohol? Super cewl, especially because the cop was super cranky (from standing in the burning sun all day i suppose) and got all impatient when i didnt understand that i had to talk in his machine instead of blow. Hahahaha

Well, we arrived safe and sound and are at the moment staying with(/squatting the) family Gaon, got out own room, a real blanket, tv, a real kitchen (bloemkool! aardappels! karbonaatje! with a full fridge, we feel so super spoiled! Andrej (we know from Flogsta, Uppsala) shows us the st Kilda side of Melbourne and his parents are supersweet and funny and gastvrij (hoe ze je dat in het engels?) hospitable welcoming. Lovely!

We are Broke with a capital b so we had to find a job, easier said than done, so at the moment (and in the last 3 weeks) we've been stuck in an asshole job, telemarketing for the cheapest energy company ON COMMISSION! So thats total shit and nothing really exiting happened but at least we will have some money for our last week in which we will relocate a car (A toyota corola or camry hahafor the erikssons) up the east coast through byron bay to brisbane where well meet a bunch of crazy irish guys and our plane home the 23rd. (We will this time charge our camera)

Fijne carnaval allemaal! ik zal t missen..



new years
new years

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roalia van doremalen:
February 6, 2010
liesje martin boy
ik heb jullie lang niet gesproken
komen jullie morgen online om 7.30 hier plaes ik mis jullie
komen jullie snel terug ???
en hebben jullie een car gehuurd XD
hoe gaat het werken lisa
hoes go wurk martin
ik gaa bijna nar middel ik heb net de cito achter de rug

(L)(L)(L)(K)(K)(K)(L)(L)(L)(K)(K)(K) roosje (je zusje als je het niet meer weet :P)
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