Videos » Acrobatics at the Avvai Ashram Celebration

Acrobatics at the Avvai Ashram Celebration

September 15, 2008 - Avvai Ashram, India

The boys at the deaf school are like little monkeys--they can flip, fly, tumble, and even jump through flaming hoops! I took this footage at the Avvai Ashram 54th Anniversary Celebration. Apologies for the cliche choice of music: it's the only Indian song I have on my laptop!


September 27, 2008
I guess that when you return to Boone, shopping can take on a whole new meaning.
FYI-there is a tool in iMovie that will let you lighten or change the contrast on future movies. While a little dark, they were still cool.
I'm adding underwear to the KatieChristmas wishlist.
Big Bro:
September 28, 2008
Great composition. Hope to see more. - jeremy
November 2, 2008
I worked with these same kids just a few months ago. I lived with them and helped with their lessons and everything. If you were there and met them it would be good of you to mention the conditions they live in and that there are ways we can help them. You don't need to just stick this up as some kind of entertainment for fat americans that are sitting around wanting to watch disabled kids jump like trained monkeys.

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