August 7, 2012 - Santorini, Greece, Greece





We where up with the sun today and feeling well! Had some breakfast to start the day with a hazelnut latte for me so all was good!

We boarded our tender and in about 10 mins we where at the dock and boarding our bus that took us to the main town. This it the place that has the beautiful blue churches you see in all the pictures of Greece. We had 2 hours to do as we pleased and then it was off to a great winery for a wonderful buffet dinner with wine, a trio of musicians and then dancers to entertain us. The food was salad, tomato fritters, chicken, beef ,pork and sausage kebobs, with hummus and fresh bread!! Yum!

When dinner was over the dancers entertained and we got to break plates to show our appreciation!! Just a great experience!! The kids had a great time too!


Then off to the center of town where you depart the bus and take a 20 min. walk up this very tall hill to pick up the cable car that takes you down to the dock to get the tender! This thing is awesome! Kind of like a super ski lift. I don't think Liz cared for the fact that it is almost straight down when you are in the thing! What an E ticket for those who remember that from their Disney childhood!


Back on the ship with smiles on our faces and food in our tummies !

We are a happy group!


Tomorrow we are in Mykonos and will just do walk off on our own.


Hugs and kisses to all,



August 9, 2012
So glad you are guys are having a great time! It sounds beautiful:-) Jenny
August 9, 2012
Glad you're having a great time. Can't wait to see some pictures of all those beautiful places. Enjoy that spa time! Love to all~
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