Largest Bass Pro Shop-Springfield, MO

June 5, 2010 - Springfield, Missouri, United States

Today we took a drive up Highway 65 to Springfield, Missouri to see the "home" as well as the largest Bass Pro Shop n the US. But first, a little background. We've learned that Johnny Morris, owner of Bass Pro Shops and Tracker Boats, is from Springfield and is quite a sportsman and developer of outdoor stores and recreation/vacation resorts. All the locals here in Branson tell great stories about Johnny and what he has done for the area. One of his properties, the Big Cedar Lodge, is here in Branson on Lake Taneycomo. When Jenny Barker was here, we went out to visit the Lodge. It's just a magnificent vacation resort. But then I guess it should be; rooms run several hundred dollars depending on the season. If you've ever been to a Bass Pro Shop, just imagine that decor in a hotel environment. Even their trash cans had the "lodge" theme and their parking lot divider strips were stenciled with fish. Now about the store in Springfield. It was quite entertaining--more like a wildlife zoo than a store. Both live and stuffed animals were everywhere from floor to ceiling. A very large, live alligator meets you at the door! And throughout the store, we saw aquariums and ponds full of fish, very active turtles, and ducks. We didn't make it to every part of the store so there could have been even more. Guess we'll have to go back someday. Of interest to us especially was the display of the world's largest alligator gar Johnny and a friend caught in the Trinity River in East Texas! Now that made me feel at home. You'll see it as well as other pictures of the animals in the Bass Pro Shop Album.  And as Johnny Morris would say WELCOME FISHERMEN, HUNTERS AND OTHER LIARS!




June 5, 2010
Wow! You guys seem to be having a ball! So educational as well as fun! Have a totally blessed weekend!
B safe! Love you!
Maribeth & Max:
June 6, 2010
Sounds like y'all are having so much fun! Lots of stuff going on here, too: Holly & Deen's ranch last weekend; Schlitterbahn with Sue & Jerry's office party; this coming Thursday we'll head to Houston area for a nephew's wedding with all the family coming, too. I have decided to retire from my private practice in September. I still don't know about the contract job in DC yet. I am ok with whether or not the govt. awards us the contract. More money if it happens, but more time if it doesn't. Either way, I am happy!
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