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All my life, I have loved baseball.  I think it's just in my blood.  It started with my grandmother, Lorene Smith, who passed it down to my Mom, Shirley Rogers, who has passed it along to me, DeBe Wantzloeben.  During my childhood, I began attending professional baseball games when my parents took my brother, Smitty, and me to the Houston Colts games in the old Colt Stadium and then to Astrodome to see the Houston Astros play in the "8th Wonder of the World".

My husband, Kenneth, and I have shared our love for baseball by following the Houston Astros over the past 23 years.  When we started talking about retirement, we realized we could combine our love of baseball and travel by selling our home and buying an RV motorhome and setting out on our "dream trip".  So in August 2009, I retired and we did it!

About our trip

TOUCHING ALL THE BASES Our goal is to attend a ballgame in each of the 30 major league baseball parks.  We started in January 2010 and have now completed 27 ballparks.   Throughout our adventure we will be visiting the areas along the way and taking in as many attractions as time and funds will allow.  During the first season, we visited 19 ballparks east of Kansas City.  Others have been visited as time has allowed.

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