{2014 Jan} Challenge Mountain: School Trip

January 15, 2014 - Boyne Falls, Michigan, United States

CMSKI Mrs.Seelye & Danielle & FriendCMSKI Danielle & Friend995006_798110646872526_1425123080_nWhat a great way to kick of a new year.

.CM Challenge Mountain 2014

Today, I drove Danielle up to Challenge Mountain to meet the rest of her class for a school trip. We left at 7:30am on Tuesday to drop Alec off at the High School. The school bus at the elementary was set to leave at 8:30am for Challenge Mountain. So I decided we had enough time to stop at McDs for breakfast. To my surprize, Danielle ate almost all of her breakfast and then we headed out the door.

We arrived at the Lodge and the waited inside for the bus to arrive. The bus had all ages from K to 9th graders for this trip. Challenge Mountain is setup for special needs children and is great for kids in wheelchairs and other disabilities. Everyone gets to participate at Challenge Mountain.

The kids finally arrived and the announcement was made that the ski hill would be closed for skiing and snowboarding, but open for sledding and snowshoeing. The kids geared up, put on their helmets and split up in two groups. One for Snowshoeing and one for Sleding. I am glad that Danielle had chosen the sledding option.

It was really funny watching her first trip up the sledding hill. She climbed up the top, but then she wasn't sure what to do once she reached the top. So she started walking back down the hill, dragging the sled behind her.

CM Danielle Sled 1

Mrs. Seelye walked up the hill with Danielle and got in the same sled and showed her what sledding was all about. After the first ride, she was hooked and headed back up the ski hill for more. The kids were having a blast and it was crazy in the beginning. Kids coming down the hill and kids trying to go up the hill, in the same area. Surprizingly, no one got hit, well not yet. Finally, between the instructors and the teachers, the kids soon learned to stick to the far outer sides when going back up. Except for one girl, her sled went sideways and was heading straight for Danielle and a classmate that was beside her. The girl's sled slammed right into her and took her out, but she got up and continued on her way.

Human bowling seemed to be the new game on the ski hill. The kids were sliding down, but the kids at the bottom of the hill were slow moving. So kids were bumping and crashing into each other. When they weren't going for each other, the new target was the staff and teachers. The staff and teachers monitored the kids from the bottom as they took turns going sledding with the kids. There was a lot of feet shoveling to the left and to the right, trying to dodge the sleders.

One boy was going so fast, that he ran into a wooden bench and knocked it over. The benched got moved back a few more feet.  The couple of teachers were talking and didn't notice a sledder coming straight for them. The sad thing was, this girl is one of my relatives and I saw the whole thing. She hit the teacher and down she went, she landed on top of the girl in the sled. Alyssia, the girl in the sled, was okay, but  the teacher broke her shoulder. The good news, that was the worst injury of the day and the kids had a blast.






.CM Challenge Mountain 2014
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