{2009 June} Still finding our place in Alaska.....

June 4, 2009 - Eielson Afb, Alaska, United States

Hello everyone; just wanted to post a quick note to update you on our first two weeks here in the Last Frontier State.  They might call Japan "The Land of the Rising Sun" but this place is literally "The Land of the MIDNIGHT Sun!"  We look out the window at 10pm and its still sunny as can be.  For instance, tomorrow, June 5th, 2009 the sun will rise at 3:22am and will not set until 12:12am the next morning!!  Thats almost 21 hours of the sun being in the sky above us!  The rest of the time is still light but not sunny!  We are slated to gain 6 minutes every day until the first day of summer, then we will start loosing minutes.


We are getting closer and closer to closing on the house.  Hopefully by this time next week we can at least start moving in.  All in all our trip up here was good.  As we said before we traveled over 3000 miles, paid as high as $6.65 per gallon at one point(it's $2.77 here) and stayed in 10 hotels between Grand Forks and here.  We are ready to move into a home that we can call ours for the first time.  Until that time, we sit cramped in the hotel.  Hopefully for not much longer though!

Alec is enjoying himself so far, but he will have a much better time when we get settled and such.  As for Danielle, she is a mover now.  She is walking everywhere, following her brother; chasing the dog and cat as well!  Well, we will post now and then on here, so keep checking back or subscribe and it will automatically email you when we post something new.  Have heard there will be moose all through our yard, that should be interesing!  So, until next time..............



Alec & Daisy at Eielson
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