{2012 June} On the Move

June 1, 2012 - Eielson Afb, Alaska, United States

Its been a while....and a lot has happened since our family move to Alaska.

I loved living in Alaska, it is a place you have to live in to really get the true feel of Alaska. My family was on tour for 4 years at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska. However, things took a drastic change for my family when I was hit with news from my husband. "I want a divorce, I"m just not happy anymore". My Eldest son Alec is attending 8th Grade in North Pole, Alaska when I tell him the news, "We're moving back home to Michigan for good".  He was a little upset and to be honest, I was too. Alaska is the most expensive place I have ever lived, along with the most dangerous place my family has experienced. How could we possibly live here? It was hard to leave, Alec loved going to school there, and was very active in the Youth Group at North Pole Assembly of God.  It definately is one of the best churches I've been to in a long time.

With a teenager, a toddler, the family cat, and pet bird, we board the plane heading for Minneapolis, MN, all except the cat. The cat was shipped out the previous day due to heat restrictions, and was flown as Cargo. It was a grueling flight with a toddler who cant sit still and refuses to sleep. I though for sure the 4 hour delay in Minneapolis Airport would be enough to get her energy out, and bam a peaceful plane ride. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We woke up early to catch the 6am plane flight out of Fairbanks, she didnt sleep a wink on that flight. After our 4 our delay at Minneapolis, we had another plane to catch to arrive in Traverse City, Michigan. This flight was the worst, first it was a very small airplane and Danielle is getting really restless now, even after her 4 hour break in the airport playing at the childrens playground indoors. The more tired she is getting, the more restless she becomes. On the other hand, Alec seemed to be right at home and playing his video games. Then finally, she falls asleep, Yes, Finally, only to hear the voice on the intercom, "We have arrived in Traverse City and will be landing in 5 minutes".

After we get off the plane, we pick up are bags and at last, we finally made it, 11.00pm. Even with Time change, it was still a very long day. We boarded at broad daylight and arrived at almost midnight . We grab our suitcases in the airport and  wait...and wait...and wait. Theres no one there to pick us up. So I picked up my cell and called my mom to find out where my sister is?  I find out, my brother is picking us up instead and should of been there by now. So while I talk to them for a while, my brother finally arrived and is ready to take us home on a 45 minute drive to East Jordan. Finally, 12 midnight and at last we arrive with suprizingly people still awake to greet us and the kids they have not seen in over 3 years.


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