{2013 Dec} The Night Before Christmas

December 14, 2013 - Eielson Afb, Alaska, United States

Its December 2013! The weirdest winter yet!

December started of with light snow on the ground and then it decided to rain and it melted almost all the snow that we had. Then the next day, it begins to snow, dumping a few inches. Then as the week progresses it begins to snow more, but this time, we are really getting dumped on. Forecast says advisory lake effect snow until Wednesday, 6-10 inches. Then on Thursday, more snow and the forcast now says, Thursday night. We go from no snow to over 2 feet of snow in 4-5 day time period. The crazy part, no school cancelled and the play must go on.

My youngest child, Danielle, is in Kindegarten and gets to perfrom her first Christmas Concert. I was all excited too, until I learned I had to go out in all this snow and freezing wind chills. The good news is her play was set for Monday Night, Dec 09, 2013. The weather got worse as the other grades performed on Tue and Wed night.

We arrive early, to get good parking, no issues of parking tonight. So we wait to drop off Danielle at her classroom at 6:45pm. This turned out to be a catch 22. Yes, I was there early but I was alone and soon the other parents arrived. They broke off into pairs, one taking the child to their room and the other saving seats in the crowded gym. But Hey, I got a good parking spot.

I find a seat in the gym where the concert is being held by all the Kindegarten and 1st grade classes. It was an ok spot, for the last minute seating arrangement. I wanted to take videos, but there was this stage lighting pole in the middle of my viewing area. So I moved over closer to the corner, where there was only a few people sitting ahead of me. I was hoping, Danielle's class would be on the other side of the stage. Nope, she was on my end of the stage. But all in all, it turned out okay and the kids had a blast and they all behaved and performed beautifully.

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