{2013 July} Alec's First Camping @ Lake Ann Camp

July 9, 2013 - Lake Ann, Michigan, United States

Lake Ann Camp, Lake Ann, Michigan

I started out just searching for a summer camp, the reason was to get Alec off the Video Games. The task proved a bit harder than I thought. It was tough trying to find a camp that would accept High Schoolers and close by. I finally found one in the Traverse City area, about an Hour from where I live. I have never been to Lake Ann and I have never met anyone that has gone to this camp. I was really excited to sign him up after watching all the youtube videos and exploring the website. This place looked like it was going to be fun, so fun I wanted to go.

Here it is, the week of July 4th, the week I signed Alec up for his week of Camping. I think Alec was really nervous and was hesitate to stay. His last camping trip adventure in Alaska, well was a bit of a problem. He didn't get along with some of the campers and wasnt that excited to go back there. He wasn't really excited to be going this time, I had to twist his arm to get him on board.

I met with his camp leader, Andy who was prob 19, maybe 20. He was very friendly and curious about where we came from and the background of the church we attended. I waited with Alec for a while, because there wasn't many people there. However, there were trailers full of luggage that were connected together like a train, except it was pulled by a tractor. Bus loads of kids had arrived and it was time for me to go. Andy took Alec and a few other cabin buddys on a trail walk to their cabin.

The week ended and I headed back to pick up Alec. When I dropped him off, it was pretty quiet but not this time. The kids were loud and you could barely get around the campus. The grass was covered with luggage and stuff strewn everywhere. As I was waiting, the kids exited the main lodge with their team captain. Then it turned into a cheer competiton, who was the loudest and it went on back and forth.

I finally spoted Alec and his team leaving the building and signed him out. I told him I would wait for him on the road to help him get his stuff packed in the car. It turned out to be a scavenger hunt, his stuff was unloaded by staff. It took him a good 10 minutes to locate all his belongings. Maybe thats why I seen lots of totes, easier to keep track of.

As we got settled to head back for home, he was super excited and talked nonstop about the camping experience. He was telling me stories of his camp and things about his cabin mates. He said the team name was AndyLand, named after his cabin leader. The song theme to AndyLand was, "I want Andy" a version of "I want Candy".  He was singing other songs too, he was very excited to tell me about the worship band called Heartsong. The kids enjoyed going to church every day, and jamming out to heartsong.

He had so much fun and I asked him" You going to go Next Year"?  He said, probably, yea, sure. He even talked a bit of it with another person. So maybe this person might go next year as well. It's nice to see the kids out of the techno world and back into the real world.


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