Leaving Grand Forks

May 15, 2009 - Wolf Point, Montana, United States

 {Trip Day: 1}

Grand Forks to Wolf Point, Montana

 Sign entering GFAFB

We left this morning from Grand Forks at 8:30 this morning. We headed out on US-2 going West heading into Montana. This road will take you all the way to Plane outside Gate at GFAFBMichigan if you go East. But very long and boring as some of you already know since you made your way out here once or twice. 




IMG-2 Rugby, North Dakota May 15th 2009 (Trip Day1)

 Its a pretty boring drive since the land is flat in North Dakota. So we thought! We did discover somthing cool in Rugby, North Dakota. Which is also known as  Cattle City.  Its the center point of the geographic center of all of North America.  As Seen below. Rugby is near Minot, which also houses a Air Force Base right outside of Minot.

                                                        IMG-3 Rugy North Dakota 2   (Trip Day1)



We then finally made it to Minot which is about a 3 hour drive. But the wind was so bad that it took us about 3 1/2 hours. It was really cold here today. Like low 40s.  Minot was suppose to be the midway point for us. However, we forgot to take in account that we can't drive as fast with a camper. Its now around noon and we took a break to get some lunch. We now have about 150 miles to the Border of Montana.IMG-4 Western North Dakota (Trip Day 1)  IMG-7 Western North Dakota 4 (Trip Day 1) IMG-6 Western North Dakota 3 (Trip Day 1)IMG-8 Look a hill! (Trip Day 1)





As we get closer to Montana, you start going up and down hills. Long hills and rolling hills filled with IMG-16 Rolling Hills 2 (Trip Day 1)cattle. Some had some big numbers that were made of large rocks to mark the land for some reason. We dont know why, lee thinks it graduation years, I think its to mark the cattle lot numbers to find them. But it starts to get nicer and greener. But still no trees.

IMG-15 Rolling Hills Near border of Montana. (Trip Day 1)             




IMG-17 Entering into Montana May 15th 2009          (Trip Day 1)We finally made it to our destination in Wolf Point, Montana. Its about 150 miles in the border of Montana. We found out its about 660 miles from end to end. We will turn off US-2  somewhere in those 660 miles. We finally arrived at the hotel at about 6pm, but really 7pm our time. Mountain time.  It was pretty good overIMG-20 Alec n Daisy Under Sign. (Trip Day 1) all except getting all the animals in the hotel. Daisy and Cassidy running around in the Hallway because they got loose and Alec is chasing Cassidy and so he runs the other way down the hallway!




Total Miles Driven from Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota to Wolf Point, Montana.IMG-33 Horses in Wolf Point, MT. (Trip Day 1)IMG-24 Big Sky Country Montana. (Trip Day 1) Roughly about 420 Miles for Trip Day 1.


Our next stop will be Shelby, Montana. Hoepfully not long as a drive as todays!!!

   IMG-11 Im sooo cute!IMG-14 Cassidy taken over the truck!  IMG-21 Daisy at Montana Border 2. May 2009IMG-22 Daisy at Montana Border 3. May 2009

                                                              Jester Coming Soon!!

 Trip Day:1

Traveled: 420 Miles

Start: Grand Forks, AFB, North Dakota

End: Wolf Point, Montana 


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IMG-33 Horses in Wolf Point, MT. (Trip Day 1)
IMG-32 Someones Cars in Wolf Point Montana. (Trip Day 1)
IMG-31 Scenery on the way to Hotel in Wolf Point,MT. (Travel Day 1)
IMG-30 More Hills in Montana. (Trip Day 1)
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