If it can go wrong, it will...

May 21, 2009 - Watson Lake, Yt, Canada

 {Trip Day:7}

Fort Nelson BC Canada to Watson Lake, Yukon Territory Canada



DSC00482 DanielleWell everyone, sorry we didn't post anything yesterday.  No cause for alarm though.  I can try catching you up on the past couple days here.  First of all, on the trip from Fort Nelson to Watson Lake.  What an amazing day.  We countedDSC00456 Road in the Rocky Mountains 10 different types of animals on the road.  They include 8 black bears, a moose, plenty of rams, caribou, stone sheep, a red fox, a hawk, deer, bison, and horses.  We have plenty of pictures, but can't show them to you yet. 



DSC00523 Big Horn Sheep Butting HeadsThat's where the if it can go wrong, it will......part one!  Misty's computer screen went caput yesterday and all the pictures are on her pc.  So, we need to get it in and get it fixed or at least get the hard drive backed up so we can get theDSC00528 Wood Bison Head Shot pictures off.  So, they will hopefully be posted at a later date.  We did get some videos of the bears though; I will up load them here. 



DSC00469 Stone SheepThe tip yesterday was only 320 miles, yet it took us over 10 hours to get between the two points.  We must have stopped a hundred times taking DSC00608 Diablo up Close & Personalpictures.  Plus, Danielle is getting tired of traveling (as we all are) so she was quite fussy yesterday. 




DSC00488 Trout RiverMistys Input- lee didnt share about the horses in watson lake so I will write a little more what the trip was like. He doesnt like to write as much as I do. I love to write and like to do journals when I have time. Some days can be really DSC00576 Orio Lays Downtough to keep up. I thought we would have plenty of down time in the hotels. Sometimes the internet was so slow and took us forever to get things up and running. Todays trip was  very long, but well worth it. We seen more animals today then the whole trip.


The Bears were awesome to see and such a sight to be that close. We finally got the pictures and I DSC00565 4th Bear Sighting Oriowill paste them in here, lee uploaded them today in the Picure section.  As we got closer to watson lake, we went over a bridge. We stopped to see some IMG_0372 Watson Lake Horseshorses on the side of the road. But as we stopped they decided to walk across the bridge. At first we thought they were crossing the road. So we sat and watched them walk by us one by one in a single file line.  They did not IMG_0373 Watson Lake Horsesrun, or rush past us. They were just as interested in us as we were in them. I found out before we saw them by a truck driver, he mentioned that there is some horses up ahead. He said they are not wild, but someone lets them go in the summer and locks them up in the winter.


Trip Day: 7

Traveled Miles: 320

Total Traveled Miles: 2,230

Start: Fort Nelson BC Canada

End: Watson Lake, Yukon Territory Canada

Wild Life Viewed: bears, deer, stone sheep, rams, horses, bison, caribou, red fox, moose, hawk






DSC00442 Fort Nelson Sign
DSC00441 Middle of Bear Country
DSC00440 Middle of Bear Country
DSC00439 Clouds
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