The Day of the Offspring

May 23, 2009 - Beaver Creek,yt, Canada

 {Trip Day: 9}

White Horse, Yukon Canada - Beaver Creek, Yukon Canada


DSC00754 Alec at 10pmYesterday was a long day and to our surprize, people are actually keeping up with the blog.  We know this because we got many phone calls from family and friends last night wondering why there was nothing new posted.  We are still working on the photos that are on my computer. But there is some videos now available to view of the bears instead of photos. Even though we got some good upclose photos, the videos are pretty cool too.


Today was a very interesting day, but we are getting restless and ready to get settled in.  We thought today would be a short day but we ran into some slight problems. Nothing major, but DSC00642 Carabouunexpected road maintenance.  We started on the road and our first wild life we saw was some DSC00641 CaribouCaribou. We decided we already had pics so we left them alone.  The scenery looks the same and not much has changed so far except we would have fewer towns to go through today. These Caribou Pics were taken yesterday.



We were about half way between whitehorse and Haines Junction when we came across some DSC00695 Wild horses outside Whitehorsehorses. There was only 5 of them, but two of them were baby foals. I do thinkDSC00693 Wild horses outside Whitehorse that these horses are actually wild unlike the ones in Watson Lake who are just let out to free roam in the summer. Crazy I know! I would be too worried to do that.  I did get one awesome shot of the foals huddled up together. These ones were not use to human presence at all and was really skittish, except one. I think he was the Alpha of the group. Not sure if he was a stallion or not. DSC00690 Wild horses outside Whitehorse Anyway the babies were a sight to see along the highway.  These were not the only babies we saw today.




DSC00704 Molly the Grizzly Bear and cubThe most exciting one to see was the Grizzly Bear! Its Day 9 and we finally got to see a Grizzly. Most people mention seeing just one, but  saw lots of Black Bear. I dont know if they are deeper in the woods or just fewer in numbers. Not DSC00706 Molly the Grizzly Bear and cubsure but really glad we finally got to see one and got a chance to get them on tape. There was two grizzlies and we never saw more than one bear at a time. We figure DSC00700 Molly the Grizzly Bear and cubthat one of them was a cubling. The cub looks quite big, but his fur looked different and was lighter in color. I am not sure why bears dont stick together, I guess they are not social animals. Anyway, these bears got quite a bit of attention. There were like 5 vehicles pulled over and one guy was just nutz. He got out and taped them on his tripod with the bears in close range. The bears got closer and closer to him, but stayed down near the tree lines. But these things can run fast and they could have gotten him if they wanted to. He was only a car link from them.  The funny thing is we saw these guys just outside the city of Haines Junction.


Ok so that was really cool right. Well later on we pulled over cause we saw something but it was DSC00740 Tammy the Black bear and cubalmost gone when we got there. All we saw was a fat waddling looking creature DSC00745 Tammy the Black bear and cubB-lining it for the woods. I figured out what it was and it was a big ol fat Porcupine! The biggest I ever saw. So we headed back onto the road again. Down the road after a hour or so of driving we came across another Black Bear. This time there was two Black Bear. This one you could tell was a cub. We got these two on tape as well. Just to goDSC00747 Tammy the Black bear and cub Videos and look. We created our own names for them because we have so many of them.  The mama stayed in view for a long time, but for some reason the cub got startled and took off for the woods. Maybe too many people watching at once. So we continued on our way. Only to find another Black Bear out on the side of the road, but he was very dirty like he just rolled and so we kept going.


DSC00724 Kluane Icefield RangeAfter all the bears we decided to stop to get some food. We stopped in a little town called Destruction Bay. We met up with some people to find out they saw the same things we did. They were leaving as we were ordering. So I think they were not far ahead of us. They also were heading to Beaver Creek and said the roads are horrible from this point on. Boy was he right!! I guess Lee talked to DSC00727 Kluane Icefield Rangethe waitress and said they get frost heaves in the road. Like pot holes and dips and its really like a roller coaster in some parts, all depends on how fast your going.  That slowed us down quite a bit and had like 3 hours left to drive from here.  So up and down and up and down we went.




We finally arrived to Beaver Creek, we were going to try to make it to Tok, Alaska. It was just too much driving so we stopped at Buckshot Betty's. Its really nice here. We are staying in cabins for the first time. Its a nice change for once. She even fixed the net for us. It wasnt working when we first arrived. So we are behind with pictures because some hotels wi-fi is so slow that we cant load videos or pictures. Its gettng late and its finally dusk out at 11pm. We are not use to the sun being out so DSC00733 Gravel section of Alaskan Highwaylate and so early. The sun beats us every morning. We even got up at 4:30 am! It felt like 9am.  Well I hope this was long enough. Someone mentioned they needed to be longer! I am tired and Lee is going to take over and load the rest of the pictures and videos. Good Night and tomarrow we will be in Alaska! Yippeee.


Trip Day: 9

Traveled Miles: 280

Total Traveled Miles: 2,820

Start: Whitehorse, Yukon Canada

End: Beaver Creek, Yukon Canada

Wild Life Viewing: Caribou, Horses & Foals, Porcupine, Grizzly Bear w/ Cub, Black Bear w/ cub, another Black Bear, Alec saw a moose.



DSC00756 Alec at 10pm Goofy
DSC00755 Alec at 10pm Goofy
DSC00754 Alec at 10pm
DSC00750 Cub hiding in trees
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