Alec B-Day Caribou X-ing

May 22, 2009 - Whitehorse, Canada

 {Trip Day:8}

Watson Lake, Yukon Territory Canada to Whitehorse, YT, Canada


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEC!!!  Today should have been quite a bit less interesting of a drive.  We were going to get up early, leave Watson Lake early, get to Whitehorse before noon and take Alec out to this place Misty had found, Caribou Crossing in Carcross, Canada.  It started out right, we were up by 330 am, out of the hotel by 415.  On the way out of Watson Lake there is this place called Sign Post Forest.  It was started by a home sick US soldier back in 1942 while he was helping make the Alaskan Highway.  He put up a sign from with the mileage to his hometown.  It caught on and today there are over 65,000 signs.  We saw some Michigan license plates; some handmade Michigan signs, and even a Petoskey City Limits sign!! 

DSC00634 Sign Post Forest

                                      DSC00638 Sign Post Forest

The trip should have only taken about 5 hours, Danielle would have slept the whole time.  About 630 we were on a section about 5 miles long of gravel road.  When we got back on the pavement, the trailer was pulling.  Had a flat.  So, I changed that and that set us back a little while.  By this time, we are still 200 miles from Whitehorse and I am hoping the other trailer tire holds out at least until Whitehorse, so I can buy a new one.  All was going well again, Danielle is still sleeping, and we hit another section of unpaved road.  This one was about 3 miles or so long.  I get back on the pavement and start driving and one of my buzzers start dinging at me.  I look down and it say right rear tire 20 psi.  I was like not again!  This time the truck tire.  Luckily I had glanced over how to change the tire on the Yukon.  Who knew it was such an ordeal!  I had to disconnect the trailer, and get out the manual again to figure out how to get the tire down.  It was chained under the truck.  So, I got that changed, put the tire underneath, and hooked up the tire.  The one tire I didn't check the pressure of before we left was the spare.  When I put the tire gauge on it, it was about 25 psi.  So, we drove about 40 miles per hour for the next 10 miles and found a restaurant owner that had a portable air compressor.  So, on to Whitehorse we went.  That was part two of "If it can go wrong, it will..." and it did!  Getting the truck tire fixed and buying a new spare tire/wheel for the trailer cost us about $200.

We made our way to Misty's surprise for Alec's birthday.  We got off the Alaskan Highway and headed toward Carcross.  From there we headed toward Whitehorse on another road.  We went to this place called Caribou Crossing.  It wasn't completely set up for the season but they had a good amount of things to do to keep us busy for a couple hours.  We went through a museum and saw the largest polar bear shot at 7,000 pounds!  It was huge! 

DSC00645 Carabou Crossing Museum

Afterwards, Alec and I got on a four wheeler, and went out and played around in what they call the smallest desert in the world.  Who knows if it is, it just looked like a bunch of sand dunes to me! 

DSC00679 Alec and four wheelerDSC00658 Worlds Smallest DesertDSC00663 Worlds Smallest DesertDSC00664 Worlds Smallest Desert

We then we went back and found mom and Danielle playing with the little Alaskan husky puppies.  The puppies loved Danielle, they just licked her feet and she would giggle and giggle and giggle!  On another note, Miss Danielle has been saying dada now.  She also has been taking more and more steps on her own in the hotel tonight. 

DSC00670 Danielle and pupsDSC00687 Alec and pupsDSC00680 Alec and Danielle and pups

I think that is all for tonight.  If I missed something, I'm sure Misty will post something about it!  We are off to a town of 200 tomorrow, Beaver Creek.......still in Canada!  Only two more driving days to go!  Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEC..........Until next time......

 DSC00666 Alecl and a truck                                                                                           DSC00677Alec and Mom mushing

Trip Day: 8

Traveled Miles: 310

Total Traveled Miles: 2,540

Start: Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada

End: Whitehorse, YT, Canada

Wild Life Viewed: caribou




DSC00687 Alec and pups
DSC00686 Alec and pups
DSC00685Alec and pups
DSC00684 Alec and pups
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