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May 25, 2009 - Eielson Afb, Alaska, United States

 {Trip Day: 10}

Bever Creek, Yukon Canada - Eielson Air Force Base, North Pole Alaska



DSC00768 Buckshot Betty'sWe stayed the night at Buckshot Betty's Cabin in Beaver Creek. It was a nice DSC00765 Buckshot Betty's CabinDSC00769 Buckshot Betty'splace and the cheapest place we stayed the whole trip. We decided to sleep in today because the trip is getting so tiring and we are all feeling the wear and tear of traveling. Plus we did not go to bed   until like 2am which its still a dark dusk at this time.  I think the sun comes up around 4 or 4:20. Maybe earlier not sure.   

DSC00757 Buckshot Betty's Cabin                     DSC00758 Buckshot Betty's Cabin                    DSC00760 Buckshot Betty's Cabin             



DSC00773 Welcome Alaska signWe only had about 30 miles to the US border by Tok, Alaska. We had only a slight delay there. The lady was super nice and no comments about not being prepared. Lee did have to go in for paperwork on Jester. We did get through DSC00780 International borderwith him. We saw our first animal, it was a couple of bunnies right at the Yukon and Alaska border. Technically they were Alaskan bunnies, by just a few yards.  Alec wanted to be the first one in Alaska so he tried to get to the sign first. Some people were there at the same time and offered to take all of our pics in front of the sign.


DSC00777 Alaska milage signTok was about 80 miles from the border and we decided to stop there to get some food. Danielle was really crabby today and just did not want to be in theDSC00783 Alaska highwyay 2 car at all. We finally got close to Tok and were debating if we should stop or not because she finally fell asleep. We did not know if we would find any food after this exit so we did go in and eat.  It was the only restaurant in town DSC00786 Robinson River ice flowsbesides one or two that was in the motels. We ordered and they gave us so much food we just could not eat it all. So Daisy was a really happy puppy today.



DSC00806 End of Alaskan Highway, Delta Junction, AKThe next stop was Delta Junction, a popular tourist stop because it officially ends the Alaskan Highway. Well there is a debate over this. Does it stop here or Fairbanks? Both cities claim the end of the Alaskan Highway. Its the junctionDSC00810 Alaskan highway history sign where Richardson Highway takes over and we follow this all the way to our destination stop. It actually goes all way into Fairbanks and end past Fairbanks somewhere. The road is Highway 2! It seems we just can not get away from Highway 2. We did DSC00805 Delta Junction, AKreally good about not buying things in the gift shops. Okay so we finally broke! We did end up getting the post cards and lee could not resist a fishing book. And Alec, well he wanted a booklight to read some books. But then I lost it so we have to buy another one.



DSC00799 moose in AlaskaWe came up to Big Delta which is a very small town and we finally saw a moose. This was a mamma moose with her calf. The calf was hiding in the trees and we DSC00800 moose in Alaskasaw it first. We stopped and noticed another one but then we realized it was a mother and her baby. Lee said there was another moose in the woods, it could have been another baby. There is moose with twins babies. Not sure DSC00809 AK State birdif its common or not.                      We also read a cool fact from a sign along the route " A moose will lose a pint of blood in one day from misquitos." That is just nuts. They are really terrible here and we are going to have to learn to cope with them or decorate our house in bug zappers.


DSC00812 Welcome to Eielson AFBThe next stop is Eielson Air Force Base. By this time we are all ready to get out of the car. Its a nice place so far, but a lot bigger than what we are use to. We DSC00813 Eielson AFB turnoffcould not find billeting and stopped at the shoppette for directions. They were not much of help and didnt know where it was either. So we finally found it and checked in only to find out we were staying in another building. SoAlec & Daisy at Eielson we drove around and saw some dogs and campers and tried there.  So here we are in Sour Dough Inn in Alaska.  We plan to go to town today to visit Fairbanks and to go get some food. 



Traveled over 3, 000 miles in 10 days. Wow thats the longest road trip we have ever taken and hope to take in a long long time from now!


Trip Day: 10

Traveld Mile: 295

Total Traveled Miles: 3,115

Start: Beaver Creek, Yukon Territory Canada

End: Eielson AFB, North Pole Alaska

Wild Life Viewing: Bunnies, a Mama Moose and Calf




DSC00821 Alec and Daisy on Eielson
DSC00820 Alec and Daisy on Eielson
DSC00819 Alec and Daisy on Eielson
DSC00818 Alec and Daisy on Eielson

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Ken Patton:
May 30, 2009
Looks like a great trip
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