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At some point I'll write about myself here.

About my trip

Pete Sattig and Wayne are part of a group of 10 Commander 112 & 114 owners setting out from all different parts of the US to meet in Olympia, Washington who will fly together through Alaska for 11 days. The airmen and the aircraft are listed below:

N377SB -White/Gray               Ken Andrew, ThomasShard, & Linley, Ben
N453TC- White/Blue                Bill Bailey & Sven Faret
N141OJ- White/Black/Red       Bill Hopkins & Jim Bunn
N1501J- White/Blue/Red          Dave Starkey & Mike Poncsak
N112DG- White/Blue                Greg & Mase Walker
N54496- White/Red/Blue          Ian & Regina Cairns
N4890W- White/Brown             Pat  & Betty Murphy
N900CD- White/Blue/Orange Alex, Sackey & Addie Sackeyfio
N114MT- White/Gray               Pete Sattig(owner) & Wayne Castner(crew)
N4959W- White/Red             Lonnie Steverson,& Mark Occhipinti (aka ATM)

About our trip

Below is out Tentative Tour schedule:

Tue  27 July Olympia to Prince George
Wed 28 Jul Prince George to Whitehorse
Thu  29 July Whitehorse to Fairbanks

Fri    30 July Fairbanks
Sat   31 July Fairbanks to Anchorage

Sun  01 Aug Anchorage
Mon  02 Aug Anchorage/Whittier
Tue   03 Aug Anchorage
Wed  04 Aug Anchorage to Ketchikan
Thur  05 Aug Ketchikan
Fri     05 Aug Kethikan to Olympia

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