Can care really be "urgent" in Hawaii??

April 29, 2008 - Kihei, Hawaii, United States

No one knows for sure since Michael was the only visitor to the urgent care facility last night in Kihei.  If you don't jump on those upper respiratory problems...they will surely turn into that bad pneumonia. 

But I can tell you that Michael had an enjoyable chat with the doctor while the x-rays were being processed.  Maybe you can get better medical care when your doctor has time to spend with you on your health.....hmmmm.

Tomorrow will most likely be a down day for the family while Michael is on the mend. 

Crab factor = 5


April 30, 2008
Leave it to Michael to get that sick on holiday! :) Hope you feel better and still enjoy your time.
Seattle Lisa:
May 1, 2008
This is great!!! Sorry you didn't feel so hot in Maui...did that come out can't help but feel hot in Maui, right?? Any hoooooo...hope you guys have fun...will see you in Nevada.
Seattle Lisa:
May 1, 2008
Hey Mike, remember when I said Alina looks more like you when she cries...yeah, I'm gonna stick to birdies this time please...accept it!!!
Denise Weingand:
May 5, 2008
Hey Seattle Lisa...Michael says that birds can fly all the way from Hawaii....and he also said "bite me!"
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