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January 29, 2012 - Ko Tao, Thailand


My goodness, I’ve been to several Thai islands, and this one takes the prize biscuit … it is phenominal. It’s full of bungalow culture occupied by divers seeking underwater adventures. There is such a young vibe here, everyone seems like they are itching to stay forever! Crazy night trainI arrived on the night train at 5am on the mainland, and was once again greeted by touts wanting you to book their minibus/boat combination. Crazy SloveniansI found a pair of 30+ year old Slovenians, Jon and Matt (Janis and Mattias), and we decided to wake ourselves up at this wee hour by going for a walk around the town, and figuring out how to get to the ferry! An english speaking thai lady said we could hop on the grocery delivering cart with an 80 year old driver at the helm! So, we did, and at a cost of 50B, got to the ferry and paid for our ferry at 7am. Saved ourselves 200B having not gone with the tout at the station!Early morning boat

All aboard, and sailing east to Koh Tao, a lovely 3 hour journey in the Gulf of Thailand, at 7am, with a warm breeze out on the bow. Got a lift with a dive company, so I could vet their accommodation and dive school, along with a Dutch guy called Ryan. I went for their dive and accommodation deal (9000B ($291) for 5 days training, accommodation (beach front bungalow!), breakfast, lunch, 4 dives whilst training and then a free dive once all qualified!). I checked in, and went for a compulsory swim and snorkel in the ocean where reefs were instantly visible! Main street (!)I showered, then joined Ryan for lunch (thai curry!). I then HAD to sleep, all yesterday’s travelling and the night train … ick! Woke at 4pm, and explored the entire beach and the cute street that lies behind. There is not so much as a road here, more like a concrete driveway, and then a paved walkway!

Ko Tao sunsetThe sun has just set, I’m sat on beach mats, with a citronella candle burning, in my sarong and small t-shirt, it’s still so warm! Johnny Cash is playing, the BBQ is burning up some meats and fish and lanterns are twinkling up and down the beach. It’s a paradise, full of like minded people, not crazy party people, just ones here for the beach and the diving, what a great feeling. My dive course starts tomorrow, on an island that issues more dive certfications than anywhere else in the world (even the Great Barier Reef!) ....

I may be here a week …


Crazy night train
Early morning boat
Crazy Slovenians
Main street (!)
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