Oh Koh Tao ....

February 4, 2012 - Ko Tao, Thailand

Well, what an amazing week. I arrived on the island here, and from hour one I knew it was a pretty special place. I signed on with Davy Jones Locker dive operation, so that I could gain my open water dive certificate. Scuba pool practiseThe cost is hardly anything ... 9700B ( $312 or £198 ) for 5 days accomodation, all the training, 4 training dives and 2 fun dives looking more at all the fishies and corals, and 500B in food vouchers to use at the bar. Stunning .... where do I sign?? I checked into my beach bungalow which has a lovely beach view. The cabin itself resembles a shed, but thats ok, it has a bed, a cold shower, see through planks for flooring and a mosquito net over the bed !! No problem!

Ready for dive 2The Open Water dive course was 1 day of theory, and pool work, then 2 days of 2 dives with some more theory and an exam flying around. It was pretty easy learning, as I had already done the BSAC qualification up in Newcastle, I just always wanted to carry over to PADI which is more widely accepted worldover. Our group consisted of 4 Brits, 2 Norweigans and me, they were all good people, and we all got on well. One of the Norweigans had trouble with her ears and was nervous, so she had to drop out and do some one on one with another instructor. She passed, all was well ! Scuba Claire

We did some skills in the ocean at 5m and 12m, to show we could throw our regulator out, and recover it, and do the same thing with our masks. We learnt all the underwater sign language, and buddied up, and then enjoyed the fishies! Saw lots more during the 2 fun dives (obviously), like clown fish, moray eels, blue spotted rays, groupers, gobies, angelfish and a very cool puffer fish!! On our last fun dive, one group that climbed aboard the boat said they saw a whale shark!! Darn! We were all diving the same area, and a group of 4 saw the big fish, and the other 20 odd of us missed out!

Palm sunsetMy evenings passed by walking the beach at sunset, paddling, going snorkelling (coral 100m from the beach, and only a few meters down) and taking in the great vibe that is Koh Tao. The people here are travellers who have stayed put, and applied for work visas because they love it so much. Met people travelling for years on end, just going round and round with no end in sight. The dogs here are super cool, very friendly and ride with their owners on the scooters in between the persons legs! There are no flashy in your face resorts here, just chill laid back cottages and bungalows. Magnificent ... what a stay ... I am so lucky ... so priviledged .... gratitude .....

Night ferry across to the mainland at 9pm tonight, then we'll see where the wind blows ....


Scuba pool practise
Ready for dive 2
Scuba Claire
Palm sunset

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Lois Johnstone:
February 4, 2012
Hi Claire, Looks like a lovely island a a great time. Enjoy the rest of your break!

love from Mom Lois
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