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February 20, 2012 - Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia

Off on another journey, boarded the mini bus towards the Taman Negara national park in central Malaysia, further east on my travels. We arrived at the jetty, and here had to purchase the $2 park pass, and then await our longtail boat to whisk us up the river to the central jungle! Longboat into the jungleThe boat ride was brilliant, a very basic wooden vessel that creaked with every turn. At one point the engine cut, and we were drifting with the current, back down the river for 10 minutes, whilst our captain did a quick fix! We passed traditional Orang Asli tribes people living out here in the jungle, young boys playing naked by the riverside did a jig for us as we passed!

We arrived at the village where the main entrance to the park was situated. I found a hostel for the night ($3), and went for an explore round the area. The trees were singing with circadias, a large black annoying insect which I came to detest by the end of my stay. Tree frogs also joined in the night chorus, as well as the ever present Asian gecko’s! I ate a soy noodle chicken dish with a Canadian guy, a Korean gal and a New Yorker, the lady had the soup, and had plucked the 15th ant out of her soup before she had to give it back to the kitchen. They didn’t refund her, and they didn’t make her a fresh one. Oh dear. Service out here !!

I signed up for the night walk over in the jungle with 7 others, and it was actually very interesting! It's a Tapia !!!We saw 2 big endangered Tapia’s eating left over veggies from a trough, our keen eyed guide found many insects and creepy crawlies like scorpions, poisonous black spiders, millipedes, centipedes and a massive moth! We went to the elevated hide, and saw 5 deer eating in the clearing.

Back to our village I returned to my hostel to discover one guy trying to stem his bleeding ankles from the many leech bites he’d encountered that day! Floating Restaurants in the jungle !Blood everywhere, I wasn’t bothered, but all these creepy crawlies everywhere, blood, hot hot hostel room, and circadias dive bombing you whilst you try and walk to the toilet in the night … hummm, Claire was not a happy bunny. I do not belong in the jungle, I’m an ocean dweller, I need sand and surf. So come the next morning I checked out, and hopped on the minibus to Jerantut, where I brought and paid for a train ticket to Kota Bharu all the way in the north east corner of the country. The journey was pleasant enough, through the jungle, and sat with Johanna, a Finland traveller. We navigated the city center, and found another hostel to stay at overnight. We ate some chinese food, and planned tomorrows get away to the islands .... yes please .... no more jungle !!!


Longboat into the jungle
It's a Tapia !!!
Floating Restaurants in the jungle !

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Lois Johnstone:
February 20, 2012
I totally agree with you Claire. It is sandy bum for me anytime compared to a jungle. Glad you are having an interesting time anyway!

love from Lois
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