29) Back into Argentina. Cactus and Wine...

September 26, 2008 - Tucumán, Argentina

 It's best part of a two day drive to Cafayate, a town situated in the wine producing region of north-west Argentina. We're getting a thirst on, just thinking about trying some splendid and inexpensive Argentinian Malbec.

We stop by the Quilme Ruins. I'm really ready for some fine wine, but have to show enthusiasm. Of course, all-action girl Nikki leads us up another hill so we can get a better view. A view of what, think I. Seen one ruin, see 'em all.

Well, this place is pretty impressive. The Quilmes Indians were a pretty impressive lot - fought off the Inca warriors in the 1400's, then gave the Spanish 130 years of grief before finally being overcome in the mid-1600's. The victorious Spanish relocated them to a settlement just south of Buenos Aires, now  the City of Quilmes - they were force-marched to there, a distance of 1500km. We're trying to imagine what that must have been like - given that we've just driven from Buenos Aires over 10 days.

And so into Cafayate - it's a lovely place. small - around 12,000 inhabitants. It has a most beautiful square, a smart hotel for us and half a dozen or so wineries scattered around. This is the northern Argentine wine reigon, there's also the better know 'Mendoza reigon' further south - near to Santiago, Chile.

Cafayate is just the lovilest 'chill-out' town - It's difficult to imagine this is South America. Very little chance of mugging or mayhem here. No shotguns for the police either. It has a number of european-style cafe-bars with outside tables. I haven't seen much of this since I left Spain - so a few of us had a 'spanish-style' evening of drinking and dining - almost tapas style - at most of the bars around the square.

So, suitably hung-over the next morning, what better time (or feeling) for a winery tour! But must move on soon, Andy tells us we going to like Salta, our next stop and our last at sea-level.

Hmmm, we make sure we have plentiful supplies of wine aboard 'peggy' - just to help in case of problems with altitude of course...




Nikki - solo bike tour
Drove through a swarm of these
This was a small one!
Hitched a rude on Peggy


November 13, 2008
sobering stuff Wozzer :o(
Is Peggy doing a great job still or has it begun to get claustrophobic after all this time with the same ppl ? At least Peggy is keeping the bugs on the outside - they're pretty impressive critters - that's gotta hurt when they get hungry in the night !
Sharon O´Brien:
November 13, 2008
We love reading all about your adventure Warren. It sounds really interesting & like you´re having a ball! Tom & Sharon xx
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